falling in love at a coffe shop ( a 1D love story)

Jassey is a ordinary 15 year old from a small town in northern Minnesota. One seemingly ordinary day she goes for a cup of coffee at a local shop and runs into somone she never expected to meet. She falls in love and then is tossed into a world of fame, money, and fans but underneath the polished surface is a boiling pot of hate, lies and jealousy thats about to explode.


1. ordinary day: ( jassey's POV)

I woke up in the morning to crying,screaming,fighting , and the smell of bacon. I rolled out of bed annoyed i had been up till 2am working on a project for school .And it was sunday i should be able to sleep in until at least 9am. But no i was up at 7o'clock am with no hope of getting back to sleep so i got out of bed and stumbled out of my room Into the kitchen the instant brightness making me squint my eyes. Once my eyes adjusted i saw my mother at our stove cooking bacon, my dad at the kitchen table reading his news paper and drinking coffee his mustache and beard soaking up any coffee that didint make it into his mouth. In the living room (wich was connected to the kitchen ) i saw my 2 brothers playing with their toys both dressed in matching flanne shirts and overalls (Which i do belive had been handed down from either me or my older brothers ) i went to the stove grabbed a peice of bacon and managed to escape to my room before anyone could really notice i was there. Back in my room i turned on the light and went to my closet i opened the door and looked inside for somthing to wear it was a weekend so i went for a casual look. I grabbed a random pair of jenes and a sweatshirt with my school logo (the tiger) on the front of it . Then i brushed my straight boring brown hair and put it in a pony tail i put some mascara on and grabed a 20$ bill out of my wallet and set off to get some coffee. (I apoligize for the boringness of this part it will get better i swear!)

Its my first fanfic so no hate and tell me if you like it or tell me what i could do better...:)
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