falling in love at a coffe shop ( a 1D love story)

Jassey is a ordinary 15 year old from a small town in northern Minnesota. One seemingly ordinary day she goes for a cup of coffee at a local shop and runs into somone she never expected to meet. She falls in love and then is tossed into a world of fame, money, and fans but underneath the polished surface is a boiling pot of hate, lies and jealousy thats about to explode.


3. coffee shop

"Oh my gosh " i wispered staring at him i couldn't belive that this was THE harry styles the world famous singer who was in one of the most popular boy bands on the planet right now i stared at him in disbelife and shock. Brandons girlfriend seemed to know who he was also because almost the minute after he finished talking she started screaming. Brandon looked at her and scowled then took her hand and pulled her out of the coffee shop.
i looked at my feet embarrassed, i waited for harry to laugh at me then leave but he didnt and when i looked up he was surprisingly still sitting there looking at me with those deep green eyes. I stared back at him awkwardly for sevral seconds before he broke the silence. "Was that your ex?" He asked. "Yeah" i replied quietly and apologetically. "He seems like a total jerk" harry said with a smirk . I smiled, "kinda" i laughed. "You have a very pretty smile love" he said in that adorable british accent. "Ummm thanks?" I said embarrassed ,i could feel myself blushing . " no problem." He smiled "well i shoulad probably introduce myself " he said "im harry styles. and you are?" "Umm my names jassey " i nervously replied feeling extremely self conscious. "Well nice to meet you jassey. So do you live around here"? he questioned "yeah i live like 3 blocks away. Im guessing your not from here" i said feeling a bit more confident now that i had said somthing that accually sounded kind of clever. He laughed " you guessed right. Im actually on tour here with my band one direction. Mabeh you've heard of them".
"Yeah i have" i said with a bit of a 'duh' tone in my voice. " anyway what are you doing here im almost positive you dont have a concert anywhere near here" i inquiered "no we dont " harry said "the concerts about a hour away. Near the cities" "oh well that still dosent explain what your doing here" i said then realised i sounded like a creepy stalker my face flushed and i looked around awkwardly. "Well i accually dont really know why im here. I guess i just wanted to get away from the city and go somwere relaxing and layed back so i just drove and then i ended up here." He replied apparently not noticing how stalkerish the question sounded. "Oh thats really cool" i said. We had been talking for awhile now and i felt lile i was waisting his time so i smiled got up and said "well it was really great meeting you im a big fan .but i dont want to waste your time so ill get going. Thank you by the way:) " then i stood up grabed my bag and pre pared to leave "wait" harry said "you should stay and chat for a bit. Ill buy us some coffee" oh umm ok" i said suprised that harry styles was asking me to stay and chat. Harry smiled, "great" and he walked up to the counter as i sat down.

( ok sorry if its bad im really tired right now and yeah so comment your feedback: ))))
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