falling in love at a coffe shop ( a 1D love story)

Jassey is a ordinary 15 year old from a small town in northern Minnesota. One seemingly ordinary day she goes for a cup of coffee at a local shop and runs into somone she never expected to meet. She falls in love and then is tossed into a world of fame, money, and fans but underneath the polished surface is a boiling pot of hate, lies and jealousy thats about to explode.


2. a fatefull meeting: ( jasseys POV)

I walked out of the house and started walking down the street the soft spring breeze ruffled my hair and sent a slight chill through my sweatshirt not enough to make me cold bit enough to be noticeable. I turned onto main street started towards the coffee shop i passed plenty of small shops that sold small trinkits and some that sold clothes or accessories a few restaurants here and there nothing very important but it was still full of people it seemed as if everyone who lived in Aurora came here on sunday mornings to shop and have breakfast. I reached the coffee shop and went inside it smelled like fresh brewed coffee and their were plenty of people inside chatting and just going about their daily business. I knew most of the people in there and as i walked by they would ask me about my family or just nod or wave to me. There was one person in there that i didn't know he was dressed in a big grey sweatshirt and sunglasses he looked a bit like a stalker. I didn't pay him much mind as i went to get my coffee then i sat down at a empty table and took a book out of my bag it was "tThe Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks. Soon enough i was completely absorbed in the novel and when i looked up i realized almost everyone was gone exept for me, the stalker guy and a couple people who were just getting ready to leave. I was done with my coffee so i got up and was about to walk out the door when i saw my ex boyfriend he was with a tall blond in a cut off shirt and short shorts they were almost at the door. I was a little bit terrified because i had broken up with him because i said i could find somone better and now he was with a supermodel and i was still single. i looked around for somone that i could pretend was my boyfriend or somthing but now their was only me and stalker guy so i had no other option but to pull out a chair by him and sit down. Right when i sat down he looked at me confused "do i know you" he started to say but i cut him off "your my boyfriend! " i wispered sharply. Then my ex brandon walked in he looked to my table and a flash of recognition crossed his face he walked over to my table with a smirk he pushed his longish blond hair back revealing deep brown eyes "hey jassey " he said in his signature deep voice. "Umm hi brandon" i replied feeling very awkward. "So whos this" he said nodding at the stalker guy. "Thats my boy friend" i said in a small unconvincing voice. Brandon smirked in disbelief "thats your boyfriend " he laughed " i bet thats a girl in disguise " by now his girlfriend had walked over and was also smirking "hii jassey im callie" she said in a high pitched annoying voice "ive heard sooo much about you" she and brandon laughed i looked at the ground in humiliation. "Hey jassey tell your boyfriend to take of his little disguise why dont cha" brandon said harshly. I just wanted to melt into the ground and stay their forever suddenly i heard a voice come from across the table from me "hello brandon im harry nice to meet you " the person said in a slow deep british accent. I looked up and in front of me with curly brown hair and beautifull green eyes was the one and only harry styles
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