Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


5. They Don't Know About Us

Time really flew by the next two years. Liam got back with Danielle. Niall got with Lakota, and Boy was she happy about that. Zayn didn't do any trading, and neither did Lou. And of course Harry was with me. But sadly no one knew. I mean I thought Harry would at least be excited to tell the boys, or maybe Lou. I mean Lou and Harry never kept secrets from each other. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone either, so that meant Kota couldn't know. I felt like I was so restrained in out relationship, and it wasn't fun. Although one time they boys went to an interview, and were asked to bring a guest of their choosing. The boys brought their girlfriends, and Harry brought me. 

We were on the Chatty Man show with Alan Carr. He was amazing, and I felt a  bit weird being the only male guest that was brought. After Alan went through his introduction and had a small chat with the boys, he had their guests (the girls and me) come out on stage and sit behind the one who brought us. "Well look at these lovely young ladies..." I stepped out on stage last, and then he had to change his words a bit. "Well wait a minute, I thought you all brought your girlfriends. Which one of you brought this strapping young man as your guest." I blushed as he pulled me aside, looked at them all questioningly. "I know for a fact that it wasn't Louis, Zayn or Liam. So which one of you two brought him here today?" The girls all started to sit one by one behind their boys, until the only stool behind the couch was the one in the middle. Behind Harry. "Harry? You brought this gentleman? I figured you would have that lovely red-haired girl. Any who, What Is your name, might I ask?" I was so nervous, This was the first time i have ever been on television. "Jacob, my name is Jacob." I said very stiffly. "Well don't you seem like a nervous Nancy. Now how do you spell that?" I was starting to sweat by now, half frozen on live television, and in front of a live audience. "J-a-c-o-b. I am from America originally." That is when I started to loosen up. "I actually moved here almost three years ago." I said confidently. "Really now, What mad you decide to move to London?" He let me sit finally. "I have always wanted to live here since I was ten, and now I'm 23. So eleven years and my dream actually came true." I held onto Lakota's hand for comfort. "And how exactly did you know the boys back then?" He was thoroughly intrigued. "Well, I didn't. Not until later the day I moved here. You see I became close friends with Johannah, Lou's mum, on twitter, and she actually arranged for me to meet the boys that day. We just became friends ever since. Oh and The girls were amazing at first too, they all liked me, and I was really surprised that we all became friends so quickly." I finally felt at ease and released Lakota's hand. "Wonderful. And now, on with our show. So boys, you have all brought your current girlfriends, with an exception on Harry's part." He said gesturing to me. "How has the paparazzi been treating you walking down the streets arm in arm with your ladies? Oh and I actually think I have a picture of Lou walking down the street with some unknown girl, it was taken about three years ago, by some random person who saw you." He showed the picture, and I let out a gasp, It was quite loud. "Jake is there something wrong?" He looked at me with a puzzled expression. "Well, actually, yes. First off, that's not a girl. That was me." Everyone gasped. "You? But that looks nothing like you." Alan looked long and hard trying to match me with the picture. "That was actually my first day in London. Just after I got settled in my new flat. You see, Johannah told Louis to come get me after I got settled in. He showed up at my door, and I guess instinctively held out his arm, like I assume he does for Eleanor. So I just took it, and laughed. We walked all the way to his place, where the boys were, and I really just took his arm to mess with him." I said it as though it happened yesterday. "Really now? How did it go? The messing with Lou part." He was really into what I was saying. "It didn't really phase him, but when we walked in the door still with locked arms, Eleanor was a bit on the jealous side. Until she found out I was a guy and not a girl." I looked at Eleanor and she was blushing. "Well, well, well. You learn something new everyday, now don't ya?" Alan said trying to get back on track. He asked the boys who why they chose the people the did to come with them. They alls said because she was his girlfriend, and Harry said, he wasn't dating anyone, so he brought a close friend. That really hurt, but I knew he did it for a good reason. After all they were still world famous and still going on tours around the world. But it still hurt.

The boys also went on tour again. Harry insisted that I go with them. I really didn't want to, but the others agreed with Harry. They thought it would be nice to have someone else to talk to for a change. So when the boys boarded the bus, so did I. I got to meet so many celebrities, and they were all so nice. I pretty much stuck to the boys though, for the fact I didn't really know who the other celebrities really were. While in america, I noticed that the tour bus would be going through Iowa, and I said out loud I would love to see my old home town, one last time. When the time rolled around, we stopped in Washington. It had changed so much over the past five years that I was gone. All of the things I remembered were still there. The youth center I use to hang out in was still there. I asked the driver to stop there real quick. I wanted to see if anything changed on the inside. It did, but not a hole lot. I saw some old friends who had gone to college, and came back. Weather it was for a visit or to stay. I missed that place, those people. I missed it all. I asked Harry to come with me, and he walke inside. I told Harry to wait in the older kits room while I went upstairs real quick. I wasn't gone long, but while I was gone Harry met my first love. Over the year that I had spent with Harry, as his boyfriend, he wanted to know more about me, so instinctively I told him I had loved someone before him, but nothing ever happened. 

"Hi. I'm Harry." He said with a smile to my former love, without even realizing it. "Hey, man. I'm Ryan." He smiled back and looked a bit puzzled. "So are you here for your kid, or something?" Ryan's question confused Harry. "Um.. No, actually I am here with a friend who use to live here. He was dead set on wanting to see this place again. So here we are." Harry said kind of dryly. "Who? Who is your friend? and you aren't from around here are you. Britain?" He asked his question kind of rudely, and then I walked into the room. "Jake? Is that you?" Ryan said before Harry could answer his questions. "Ryan? Who would have thought that you were still here." I said with a smile walking up to the two boys. "Jake, you know this chap?" Harry said trying to get a word in edge wise. "Yeah. This is the one I have told you about." I said looking that the ground. Looking that their feet. "Wait, you know this guy? He's from Europe." Ryan was confused and it was kind of amusing. "Yeah, Harry is actually my flat mate, back in London." I looked up to see his confusion. It was kind of amusing. "When did you move to London? And why would you?" He was so rude, but I chose to ignore it. "I moved right after college, and I moved there because I have always hated it here in america." My words were cold and filled with sass. That made Harry smile. "He moved because he knew he would find someone special there." Harry said without taking his eyes off of me. I blushed. "Wait? You and him? Why? Jake, I thought you changed." Ryan was very cold. "I met Harry and it took two years, and about a month and a half in the hospital before he got together, but it happened. Besides what do you care? You were the one who ripped my heart out, and stomped on it. Why should it matter to you?" I said with tears filling up in my eyes. "Jake, the hospital? What happened, are you okay?" He avoided the rest because he knew I would start to cry when he said one word about it. "Jake had a panache attack. And it was all  my fault..." After Harry said that Ryan got up in his face. "What did you...." I cut him off before he said one more word. "Don't even start. It does not concern you how, or why I was in the hospital. And if you ever get in his face again, I will never speak to you again."I said firm and stepped between them and having a stare down with Ryan. "Goodbye." That was the last thing I said before walking away. "You know what Ryan? You really missed out." Harry said pointing at  me and grinning. "Harry he is straight there was no chance he would change." I said coldly turning to look at them. "Well it worked with me." He said giving me his cheeky grin. That always made me smile. And we walked away, but before we left completely I had to look back, and the look on Ryan's face was priceless. "Oh and Ryan." He nodded slowly still with the stupid look on his face. "Harry is a famous singer." I said with a grin, and his jaw just dropped.

That tour was my favorite. We stayed up late, in the hotels. I ate Nando's for the vary first time, and I loved it. Now I knew why Niall liked it so much. It seemed that eating was his only escape from not being around Lakota, but then again he texted her nonstop, and called her after every concert. So there wasn't much of a distance between them after all. I did a couple of twitcams with Harry and Louis, even Niall wanted me to be in one of his. I felt so special, like I was actually apart of their family. Even though four of them were clueless, as to the fact that I was apart of the family, because I was pretty sure Harry never wanted me to leave him, I just mad him so happy, and that made me happy. 

"I can't believe we have been together for two whole years." Harry said smiling at me while we laid there in his bed, together under the covers. "Niether can I. I love you so much." I moved in and kissed him. He always brought out this side of me when we were alone. Fortunately we had the whole hose to ourselves this evening, but we stayed in Harry's room staring into each other's eyes. "I just love the way I drown in your beautiful blue eyes." He said kissing me long and meaningful. "stop saying that or I will have to close my eyes, I dont want my love to drown." I said with a sad puppy dog tone. "You know what I meant." He said looking at me they way he always did. It made me melt every time. It was Valentines Day, and Harry did so much stuff for me, it wasn't even funny. First off, He bought me my one and only weakness, other than himself of course, chocolate, and it was the biggest box I had ever seen. Before we got in bed we sat there for a bit feeding each other different pieces of chocolate. I got him this Huge stuffed rabbit that held a heart reading Je t'aime I ordered it special from france, it was mad of the softest material, and he said that if I was never around that he would hug it and think of me every second of it. I cried a little after he said that, I mean how could I not, It was just too sweet. We planned on doing what we did last Valentines Day, which last year, that was the day I lost it. Harry's reaction was a bit over the top. Apparently I was so good, there was no way I was still a virgin at that time. Harry wasn't half bad either. He was amazing, and for my first time, it was not what I expected at all. We ended up sleeping naked with him spooning me. 

When I woke up the next morning, Lou was standing there looking at us like we were just a couple of cute animals. He saw the box of chocolates and the rather large stuffed rabbit, and said, "Aww, how cute. Why didn't you tell me?" He sounded like he was just saying it, not directed towards either of us. He must not have notice that my eyes were open yet. Then He looked back to us and saw that I was looking at him. "Sorry, I was just checking on Harry, and I'll go if you want  me to." He said whispering, because he obviously noticed harry was still asleep. "No. No, it's fine, could you hand me those boxer shorts." I said pointing at the pair right nest to his feet. He tossed them to me, and I put them on, under the covers of course, and got out of bet carefully leaving Harry covered. We walked down to the kitchen. and Lou lit up in such a big smile. "When were you guys going to tell us, or was last night the first thing you have ever done?" He was so anxious to hear my answer. "Harry didn't want anyone to know, but seeing as how you walked into his room un announced, I might as well tell you." I let out a big long yawn, boy was I still tired. "But first can we get some coffee from the cafe?" I asked him, I so needed to wake up before I said anything. 

After the quick trip to and from the cafe, with a bit of paparazzi, we sat back down at the kitchen table. "So what was it? What were you going to say." He said taking a small sip of his caramel latte. "Harry and I have actually been together since my last week in the hospital after my panic attack." I took a couple of sips letting those word sink in. Louis looked so confused. "But that was two years ago. And you kept it hidden from everyone. Wait. That means you were together when we were on Chatty Man." He said looking at me in such shock. I only nodded. "And when we went on tour. No wonder Harry wanted to share a room with you. Wait, does that mean..." He didn't finish but I knew he ment 'sex'. I nodded again. "Have you done... Often since then?" he looked at me like I was a victim of rape or something. Again I nodded. "And it happend again up stairs last night?" He was griping his coffee pretty tight, I could see his finger leaving dents in the cup. "First off, relax, you are getting way to tense, and second off,why do you..." I got cut off as Harry walked into the kitchen, fully dressed with still wet hair. "Where have you been? I woke up and you weren't in bed." He looked at me, and then at Louis, and then at our coffees. "You went to the Cafe without me?" Harry looked upset. "Harry... Lou knows, about us." I said calmly. He looked at us, and then at me for the longest time with a pleading face screaming 'How could you do this to me, to us? How?' "I walked into your room this morning, and saw the two of you inbed together. It was pretty obvious that you two were naked, and the way you were holding onto him was that same way I hold onto Eleanor when she falls asleep in my arms." Lou said softly and sweetly, taking Harry's blame gaze off of me and onto him. "I woke up when we was standing there and I couldn't make up a lie for that. I had to ask him to give me a pair of your boxer shorts just so I could get out of bed."I added, and then Harry decided to sit down. "Lou, you are my best friend in the whole world, and I want you to promise me that you will tell no one. I mean no one about me and Jake. That means Eleanor, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Lakota too. Just please promise me you wont say a word of what you heard to anyone. Please." Harry sounded like he was about to cry. "Sure thing Harry, but if I may ask. Why don't you want anyone to know?" The kitchen was silent while we waited for harry to respond. "Because... Because I dont want anyone to hurt Jake like they do to your girlfriends. I don't want people doing that to your girlfriends either, but Jake is different, and I don't know how well he will be able to handle it." Harry's words caught us both by surprise. "Harry is that all you're worried about? People hating me because I'm dating you? Harry, are you sure you just aren't ready for the world to know you're gay yet?" I said this to him hoping that that was all it was, but it was way worse. "Jake I love you and I don't care who knows, I just don't want to see you get hurt just because of me." His words so sincere ans tears streamed down his face. "Harry." I started whipping the tears from his face. "Nothing could ever hurt me now that I wam with you." I smiled at him and he smiled back. "But if it will make you happy, then we won't tell anyone." He kissed me right after I said that. Louis gave us a weird look. "Who said you could watch? We may be hot but no one gave you permission to watch this sexyness." I said with a large amount of sarcasm and glaring at Lou. The both laughed, and Lou said I sounded like an African American girl. It was just like that and back into the closet me and Harry went, with the exception that only Louis knew about us.

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