Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


3. I Want

Time went by the boys went on tour a couple times, and Lakota finally moved to London. I felt so happy having someone I knew from before here to make me smile no matter what happened. Although Harry always got a smile out of me, even when he wasn’t trying. Lakota moved when the boys were on tour, so she didn’t know I knew them personally yet, and I didn’t want to tell her yet either. I told her that I was pretending to be Harry on the phone so she really wouldn’t know anyway.

“Come on Lakota. I promised a friend I would meet him and his friends at the airport when they came home.” I said to my roommate who always took forever to get ready. “One minute.” She was starting to get fussy. “You said that ten minutes ago. Now either you are done or I am leaving without you.” My words made her rush even faster, and out the door we went to the airport to see the boys home.

“So who’s this friend of yours? Is he your boyfriend?” Her words were so not helping. “No! Why? Why would anyone want to be with me?” At first i sounded protective and in denial, but then my tone slowed and turned towards depressed. “Jake, I was only kidding, but you seriously need to stop being so damn moody.” Her words hit me kind of hard. “Sorry. It’s just he means the world to me and he has been gone for almost a year. I miss him, but he is not my boyfriend.” She made a sudden ‘Aww’ and continued the conversation. “So, who is he, what’s his name, does he like you too?” Pelted with questions I answered them with simple replies. “An amazing guy, Harry, no, he’s straight.” I felt her hand on my knee, and her sympathy. I made me feel so awkward. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” I didn’t answer her question because we arrived at the airport, and I was parking.

“So what are we looking for?” Lakota said after one step into the terminal. “Just be patient, and you will know them when you see them.” I said smiling looking into the crowed and spotting Harry’s perfect curls bouncing about the crowd. He must have seen me because he was moving fast. “Jake!” Harry’s voice was music to my ears. Harry ran up to me dropped his bags and gave a huge hug. “Lakota this is Harry, and Harry this is my best friend from back home, Lakota.” Harry gave her a hug and all Lakota could do was stare with her jaw wide open. “This is your friend Harry?” She stuttered a bit trying to get out the words. “Yes, and here come Lou, Zayn, Liam, and of course Niall.” My smile was so big and her jaw was on the floor. Niall walked up and smiled, I swear lakota was going to faint. “You must be Lakota. Jake has told us so much about you.” Niall’s voice and irish accent must have done it, because just like that she hit the floor. She was out cold. “I told you she liked you.” I said looking to Niall.

We bought her back to the boys’ place and waited for her to come to. Since the boys were on tour I was in charge of their house, and before we left I started a pot of tea so the boys could have some when we got there.  Lakota  woke up after Niall left to go pick up something for Liam. “W-where am I?” Lakota said, and everyone crowded around to see if she was alright. “Lakota are you okay? We are at the boy’s place. You fainted after Niall smiled at you.” I said hoping she was fine. “Niall? So that wasn’t a dream, I actually...” He voice trailed off as she opened her eyes, and saw the boys. “Lakota don’t you faint again. I don’t want to take you to the hospital.” I said trying to reach her in this state. Niall walked back in, and saw Lakota was awake. He dropped Liam’s things and ran over to the couch. “Are you okay, I am so sorry about earlier.” Niall said frantically, and without a breath between words. “I’m fine, now that you’re here.” She smiled and giggled. Unable to take her eyes off Niall. Their stairs held for about five minutes before one of use decided to snap them out of it.

After that scare, I asked Harry to speak with me in the kitchen. "What is it that you wanted to talk about?" Harry's words in his deep tone, just made me melt. I wanted to tell him that I never stopped liking him after the whole mistake I made just a few years ago. "Is it okay if we stay here tonight? I just don't think it would be a good idea to mover her after what has happened."  I knew he would say yes, but then again he never said no to me. I never understood why though. "Sure thing, but where are you going to sleep?" His words hit me like a brick. Fuck why didn't I think this all the way through. "The floor, I guess. Or a chair in the sitting room." I said with a small smile, knowing that I would probably wake up in pain from the contorted sleep habits I have grown up with. "Nonsense you can take my bed." Harry said with a smile. "No, I can't. That's your bed, I can't take it from you on your first day back home." I tried my hardest to sound demanding, and failed miserably. "Well if you insist. Then it's settled we will share the bed." Harry said with a cheeky grin. "Are you trying to make the boys jealous?" I said with my own cheeky grin. "Do you really think they would be jealous?" He said half-ass sarcastic. "No, Harry, you are sleeping in your bed, and I will sleep down stairs. I told you that I didn't like you like that. Didn't we discuss this just two years ago?" I immediately  regretted saying those word. "Yeah, sorry. Just thought you would fall for my good looks sooner or later." He smiled but I could tell he was hiding something. "Harry..." my voice trailed off as Louis walked into the kitchen. "What are you to doing in here?" Louis' words were soothing. "We were discussing their sleeping arrangements tonight. Jake doesn't want to move Lakota, so they are staying here." Harry said these words as all of the other ones. He sounded a bit disappointed  or something, I just couldn't place it. "Oh, okay. The boys thought you two were shagging on the kitchen table or something." Lou said with a devilish grin. Harry's as well as my own faces lit up bright red. "Lou, could I have a word with you?" Harry said through clenched teeth. Wow, Harry was mad, and I could see it plain as day. "What? What don't you want to say in front of Jake?" Louis said this pointing at me, with a glass of water in his hand. He spilled some of it with the hand gesture. "Can we please just talk, in another room? No offence Jake, I  just want to talk to Lou." Harry said calmer than before. "None taken, I'll just go back to the living room, and check on Kota. But first, let me just mess up my look for show." I said messing my hair and cloths up like I actually did just have a huge snog fest with Harry in the kitchen. And with that I left the kitchen to join the others in the sitting room.

Every one Looked at me like I had just actually had sex with Harry in the kitchen. "Sorry about that, I would have been back sooner, its just Lou wanted to watch." I said with a wink. "Only kidding. Kota. You and I are staying here tonight. But you are not allowed to sleep with anyone. Got it?" I said looking at here and Niall with a very serious face. "I promise, gosh its like you think I'm a whore or something." Her words caught Niall by surprise and she noticed. "Such a beautiful girl should not soil her mouth with such filthy words." Niall's words caught her by surprise. "You don't get out too much do you? God it's a good thing you're pretty." She said patting his head. "Niall you have to know. She is my friend from america. Girls over there have bad language. I do too, I just have been hiding it from you guys..." My voice trailed off as we all heard Harry and Louis screaming at each other in the kitchen.

The sitting room went silent as we all listened to their argument. "Lou, what is wrong with you!?! Why would you encourage him to do something like that? He is a nice boy and I don't care what you say, It was nothing like that!" Harry was very angry. "Well I don't know,. Maybe it is because you give me ammunition. What has Happened to you? Where is the Harry I use to know? Where did he go?" We all heard the sobs in Louis' voice. That's when things got quiet. Liam and Zayn went to the kitchen while the rest of us sat and waited for one of them to return. 

The whole house was silent, for about ten minutes, before Louis stomped up stirs and slammed his door shut. Harry emerged from the kitchen with Liam and Zayn, just as I was leaving to go check on Lou. I left them and I really wanted to know what that was all about. Since I knew Harry wouldn't tell me, I thought maybe Lou would

I stood outside of Lou's room for about a minute before I knocked. "GO AWAY HARRY! I don't want to talk to you!" His voice was muffled by his sobs. "Lou, It's Jake, not Harry, Please can i come in?" I tried not to be loud so no one from down stairs would hear. The room was quiet, but suddenly the door unlocked and it opened. There was Lou crying, his face was all wet from the streams of tears. I walked in, and he locked the door behind me. "What's going on? Please tell me, because I know if I ask Harry he wont tell me." I said looking at him almost wanting to cry myself. "How-how much did you h-hear? In th-the kitchen?" He was stuttering and trembling from crying so much. "Not a lot, but I am willing to bet it was about me. Wasn't it?" I said sitting on his bed pulling him close to comfort him. "It always has been. All of our arguments are about you, and I'm tired of it." He said tears still falling, but at a slower pace. "Why would you guys argue over me? I'm just some weird gay kid, you met two years ago. What could possibly compel you to argue over me?" I said with a look of confusion on my face. Before Lou could answer someone started banging on the door. "Lou what are you and Jake doing in there?" It was harry and he sounded even madder. I got up and walked to the door unlocked it and opened it. "I don't see how that is any of your damn business  but if you must know. I am here to comfort Lou. Because unlike you he came out of the kitchen crying. Now if you had a heart you would apologize for what ever the hell it is you two were arguing about, and then stop with this damn fighting. Because Honestly it is stupid, idiotic and completely out of the question. If you two have a problem with me then say it to my face. Cause right now Harry I am starting to question why the hell would I still be in love with you." I didn't realize what I said. All I knew was that I was Furious with how Harry was acting towards his best friend in the hole world. "J-Jake..." Harry's voice was just a whisper. "What? What is it? What the hell do you want?" I was getting increasingly angry by the second. "I-i'm sorry Lou, can you forgive me?" Harry said looking at the ground, but Lou didn't say a single word. i turned to look at Lou and to see what was taking him so long to reply. His jaw was wide open, and I was so confused. "Lou aren't you going to answer Harry?" My words came out so cold, like I was a heartless monster.

Then it hit me. I said that I loved Harry to his face, and somehow managed to suppress it because of my anger. I wanted to take it back. I wanted to run out of there. I wanted to die. I wanted to do so many things, but all I could do was stand there with a dumb look on my face. How could I have been so stupid. I started to hyperventilate trying to calm myself down trying to forget what just happened, but then I blacked out.  But not until I hit the floor, and instead of Lou crying I saw Harry with tear filled eyes.

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