Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


9. Heart Attack

Things went back to normal, for the most part, after that day was over. I started getting on better with the other boys. Every thing was starting to go really well. It seemed that normal was starting to become a reality. Other than the paparazzi and the fans, it was normal.

A few days passed and all of us went to the cafe just down the road. Harry ordered for me, and asked me to get it when it was called. Every one was looking at me with smiles on their faces, and Lakota seemed a bit too happy. "Alright, what is going on?" I finally said looking at all of them. "Oh nothing really." Zayn said with a smirk. "Then what is will all of the smiling, it is really starting to creep me out." I said and shivered for dramatic effect. "You cold babe?" Harry said wrapping his arms around me. "No just-" I stopped mid sentence when I heard my name called. "Hold that thought." I said getting up. I got to the counter and there wasn't a lid on my on my drink. "Miss, there isn't a lid on this one." I said politely thinking she must have forgotten. "Um no, the order said no lid on that one." I picked it up and Harry's. I smelled mine, plane mocha with french vanilla creamer. I was about to take a sip when I noticed something, writing in the creamer, it said 'turn around' I did what it said and almost dropped both coffees. There was Harry on one knee, with a small box in hand. He opened the box to show a small ring and said four words that I will never forget. "Will you marry me?" I started to cry I couldn't say a thing. The others were crowded around, half confused half worried. "Yes." I finally choked out. "Yes, a thousand times yes." I said with a smile spreading across my face. Harry stood up and slid the ring on my finger. I wrapped my arms around him forgetting about the coffees in my hands. Luckily nothing spilled on him.

He stepped back and smiled at me. I smiled back. All of the others started screaming and shouting. I almost started crying again. "I love you." He said softly getting lost in my eyes. "I love you too." I said getting lost in his. We sealed the perfect moment with a kiss. Everything felt right, even when he pulled away. Lakota and the girls crowded around me screaming and already talking about the wedding. I looked to see harry surrounded by the boys, but he was looking at me too. I smiled thinking about something that I said to myself when I was still in high school. I will never get married. No one would ever think of me as something more than just friends.

I was utterly speechless. Everyone was so happy, but when Harry told me it would have to be in America, I instantly thought of all of the people I had forgotten over the years. Ryan, Shannon, Hannah, Abbey, Kennedy, Brandon, and so many others flashed before my eyes. Would they hate me for not staying in touch? Did they forget about me? What am I going to to? "Harry, I c--" I started but he hushed me with a finger to my lips. "Jacob, They all know. Lakota called and told them that we would be coming back for our weddings." He said with a smile. "Did you just say weddings." I looked so confused. I looked to Lakota, and she was just as confused as me. Then I saw Niall get down on one knee, and he had a box in his hand. I smiled and almost started to cry pointing to him on the floor behind her. She turned around and before he could say a single word... "Yes!" Lakota answered without even having to hear the words she knew were about to come out of his mouth. More scream filled the cafe. My best friend and myself were going to get married on the same day, at a double wedding, back home on American soil.

Later that night Harry and Niall took Lakota and myself to a lovely dinner for four at a really fancy restaurant. Dinner was amazing, and then they insisted on taking us out to see a picture. They bought us candy and drinks for it. I couldn't believe how much money I never realized they had. I am no gold digger, and absolutly hate it when people spend money on me. Harry would never let me turn it down no matter how hard I would try to. The movie ended late, and we left keeping the left over candy. The car ride was quiet. Niall and Lakota shared the back seat, while I sat in the front seat next to Harry. He set his hand on my knee. I blushed and looked down. The same hand lifted my chin back up. "Stop doing that." Harry said softly. "Why?" I asked questioningly. "Because you look so adorable when you blush." He said with a smile. I blushed more. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. The two in the back had been quiet all up until I kissed Harry's cheek. "Aw." They both said loudly causing my face to get even reder.

We got back to Harry's place. There were a lot of cars parked all around. Not a single one that I recognized except Louis' in the drive. The house was dark, just as we left it. "You two wait here." Harry said pointing to Lakota and me. Him and Niall hopped out and ran up to the house. "Oh my god." I said putting a hand to my forehead. "What? What is it." Lakota looked confused. "They planned a party for engagements." I said looking at her with a smile. "Really? How do you know?" She looked so excited. "It's Harry, and I know how he gets." I say as we both see the two of them walk back out of the house. "Okay now come with us." They opened our doors and held out their arms to escort us. "Harry you didn't have to." I said smiling sweetly at him. "Oh but I did. You should know this by now. I love you too much not to." He said kissing my forehead. We walked into the dark house. Not a noise inside, but there was some sound coming from the back yard. The boys covered our eyes, and walked us the rest of the way to the back patio. "Okay. Ready?" Niall said presumably talking to Harry. The counted down from 3 and moved their hands away. There were at least a hundred people there in yard, and they all scream the usual 'Surprise'. Almost instantly Lakota and I turned around and gave our fiancés big hugs.

The party was spectacular. A few good friends that I met through the boys were there. Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora to name a few. Ed was always an awesome person to me, and he even supported Harry in his decision. The party started off with loud 'club' music. Everyone was dancing away, and then a slow song started. The familiar music was unmistakeable. The lights dimmed and a couple of spot lights shown on Lakota and Niall, as well and Harry and myself. The lyrics came from the speakers and from Zayn's lips as he sung his solo from 'Little Things'. Harry took my waist and I rested my arms around his neck. We danced slowly swaying back and forth. I was lost in Harry's eyes yet again. I guess I didn't realize, but no one was dancing but the four of us. Harry's verse came on, and he sang still dancing with me. I felt in that moment, I made the right decision to say yes.

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