Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


15. Epilogue: Forever Young

A/N: Merry Christmas, I hope you like my present to you! There will be a sequel coming soon!!!

Darcy is seven now, and she has grown up to look just like her father, even though Harry isn't the real father. She had he most beautiful long brown ringlets, and her eyes are deep pools of jade green. A tear slipped its way down my cheek. My mom whipped it away with her thumb. "She is beautiful." She said in a hushed tone.

Harry moved the camera back so he was in view. "Isn't she though?" He smiled brightly showing his dimples. "She has been trying to stay up all night waiting for you to come home." He looked sad. "Oh, honey I am taking the soonest flight I can. I know how you feel, I am there myself. I miss you both so much." The tears were now coming at a steady pace. 

"Oh babe please don't cry, you are going to get me to start." Harry said with a crack in his voice. "Both of you stop it, Jake will be home real soon, but until then you can't fret, my granddaughter will not miss her father on christmas." My mom smiled at the tablet as Harry stopped himself from crying. "Thank you Sue. Did you like the present we got you?" He questioned. "How could I not? It is perfect, and Jake has your presents. I got one for each of you." She smiled in pride at her gifts. 

"Well, let us hope you get home safe, and Harry?" She stopped as we entered the reception area. "Yes?" He looked confused. "Thank you." She said with a smile, Harry and I wee both confused now. "For what?" He asked trying to belay the confusion. "For being the best thing that has ever happened to my baby boy." A tear dropped down her cheek. I whipped it away quickly and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you mom, but if you want me to get home to "the best thing to happen to your baby boy" then I have got to go." I smiled as I pulled away. You go then, and Harry. Thank you again, It means a lot that you let Jake come home for Christmas." She said and waved at the tablet. "And thank you for being the most amazing mother to my husband, I don't care what he says about you, you are simply wonderful." He smiled jokingly. and the video chat was over.

"Oh that boy is always trying to get you in trouble isn't he?" Mom questioned. "You know it." I smiled and hugged her goodbye. "You've got everything right?" She asked worried. "Of course, the presents are in carry-on, and so is everything else. I love you mom. See you next year?" I said before putting my stuff on the conveyer belt. "Of course dear, but maybe think about bringing the hole family next time." She joked.

"Harry thought it would be good for me to come alone, you know that. But I will see if Harry and Darcy want to come next year." I smiled. "Good, because I would like to see my granddaughter some time before I die." She laughed. "You will, and trust me you will love her." She gave me one last hug before I borded the plane.

After what seemed like an endless flight, we landed in London. My car was at the airport just like I left it. Or at least I though. I got in the driver seat and opened the glove box to get my keys. Inside the glove box was a small present, neatly wrapped and tied up with ribbon. A little card hung off it and read 'Open Me', so I did. Inside the box was a small felt jewelry box. I opened it, and nearly cried. I called Harry, but he wouldn't answer.

On my way home I couldn't stop looking at it. I almost ran into someone so I threw it back in the glove box. It was a necklace that had three hearts looped together and the word family was across the three hearts. As I pulled up the drive the house seemed a bit dark. Everyone must be asleep after all it is 3 in the morning. I turned off the car and grabbed the necklace before I got out and walked up the the big house.

I slowly crept inside and took my shoes off by the door, and went to the kitchen. I flicked on the light and got myself something to drink before going to bed. As I closed the fridge door, I heard a grown. I turned to see my daughter. "Daddy!" She yelled as she ran to give me a hug. "I missed you daddy." She said as I picked her up. "I missed you too baby girl." She smiled and rubbed her tired eyes. She the wrapped her arms around my neck and mumbled 'Thank you Santa' before falling back to sleep. 

I slowly made my way up to Harry and I's room. Harry lay there fast asleep and unmoving. I set Darcy next to her father, and he instantly wrapped a protective arme around his baby girl. I smiled softly. I quietly made my way back down stairs, and set their presents under the tree. Lit up it looked magnificent, and all the presents made it seem even more cheery.

I sat on the couch and marveled at the tree. It looked perfect. Cookies and milk were on the coffee table with a note from each of the children. Darcy's was close to the front. I picked it up and read it quietly. 'Dear Santa I do not want a lot for Christmas, but what I do want is my daddy home. I really miss him and so does daddy. He reads me a bedtime story every night, and always says daddy will be home soon, but when he leaves me to sleep I hear him crying. I don't like it when daddy cries. Please bring daddy home for christmas, if not for me, then for daddy. All I want for Christmas is for daddy to be happy. Love Little Darcy Styles.'

I started to cry reading it. It was past six in the morning and I hadn't noticed. I was sitting on the couch crying as people slowly started to wake. I wouldn't have noticed a single person in the room if it weren't for Darcy. "Daddy why are you crying?" She sat next to me with a sad look. "Because all you wanted for Christmas was for daddy to be happy." I smiled pulling her onto my lap. "Don't cry. You are home and daddy is happy. So smile and Merry Christmas daddy." She hugged me tight.

"Merry Christmas sweetie, and Merry Christmas to you hun." Harry said kissing Darcy's forehead, and me on the lips. "Merry Christmas everyone, and Harry, thank you for the gift." I smiled at him, and he shot me a confused look. "What gift? You're not suppose to open them early!" He sounded disappointed. "Didn't you put one in the glovebox of my car?" I looked at him. He shrugged. Darcy was giggling. We both looked at her. "Okay, who was your partner in crime?" I said raising an eyebrow. "Uncle Louie." She pointed to the eldest who was sitting with his wife and loving children. 

"Narcing on me and I didn't even have anything to do with it. Looks like I taught you well." Lou smiled.  "Lou." I said sternly. "Look, I may be the sneaky one, but it wasn't me, you have my word." He seemed to be telling the truth. "Okay then, if it wasn't Lou, then who was it? Darcy if you don't tell me, you wont get your present from grandma Sue." I teased her. "It was Uncle Niall! Can I have grandma's present?" She quickly fessed up. "You said you wouldn't tell on me." Niall whined. "It's grandma Sue though, she always gives me good presents." She shrugged.

"Niall, why?" I asked. "Darcy wanted to give you something special for you, without Harry finding out.  She picked it out and it was all her idea, I bought it and she wrapped it all by herself." He smiled at Darcy. She smile brightly. "Do you like it daddy?" I smiled down at her. "I love it." I kissed her forehead and pulled it out of my shirt for everyone to see.

Christmas was wonderful, and I knew that we would have so many more like it. Even if none were as memorable as this one, they would still be just perfect.

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