Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


13. 12 Part 2/2: Up All Night

I woke up to Harry getting out of the bed. He must not have noticed that he woke me, so I grabbed the lip of hus boxers when he had his back turned. "DAMN! Your fingers are cold!" He whisperer-yelled while turning around. "So? I thought you liked your arse being touched." I said in a groggy voice. "Shut it, we need to get ready so we aren't late like yesterday." He said while I sat up. "Fine, start the shower and I'll come in in a minuet." I pulled the blanket off, and shivered. "Why is it so damn cold in here?" I said quickly pulling it back on. "Who knows." He walked off to the bathroom and I heard him start the water.

I got up and laid out our cloths. I walked over to the bathroom and in the door. I dropped my boxers and stepped into the shower behind Harry. "Hello babe." I wrapped my arms around his wet body. It was slippery and warm from the water and soap. "Could you get my back?" He asked looking over his shoulder. I obliged and lathered up his back with soap. My hands travled lower than expected. "Not now babe, this is just shower time." He turned around and the water rinsed the soap off of him. "Fine." I said kissing him. "Now it's your turn." He said positioning himself behind me. "Don't worry so much, you will do perfect tonight." He said running his hands through my hair with shampoo. "It's easy for you to say. Harry, I have never sang infront of an audience of more the fifty people before." I rinsed the shampoo, and started the conditioner. "I know you can do it. Just do what you did when you sand for us. Niall will play the guitar again, and you will do great." He lathered my body with soap. "I'll try but thee is no telling what will happen." As the soap washed off Harry moved loser placing his body against my own. "You told me no, so I'm telling you no." He didn't listen, he just wrapped his arms around me and got even closer. "Harry, I said no." I let out a soft moan as he genteelly bit down on my neck.

Someone knocked on the bathroom door. "Stop Shagging in there, we have places to be."Louis' voice was serious. "We aren'y shagging. Harry is just being naughty." I released another moan as he bit down again. "Sure. We will go with that." Lou sounded like he was walking away. "Lou, if we were shagging. Cut that out. They why would I be talking to you?" I flicked Harry as he tried to bite me again. "You do have a point, but you two should really hurry up. Don't want to keep the everybody waiting." Lou said and the door opened and shut. 

"Why did you flick my nose?" I turned around to face him. "Would you rather me flick your willy?" I looked at him with a serious face. "No!" He instantly moved his hands in the way. "Then stop making me moan, and infront of Lou. What is wrong with you, I was trying to have a conversation." I giggled, i couldn't stay serious looking at Harry. "Oh turn around and finish. I'm gonna dry off and get dressed." He stepped out and grabbed a towel. I finished up and did the same. 

"There you are. Which is for who?" Harry looked at me still naked gesturing towards the cloths I laid out. "Either or, just pick one. It's just a mix match of both our cloths, what we normally wear." I walked over and reached for one of the blazers I set out. "No. Are you kidding me? This night has to be perfect." I looked up at him in complete shock. "You do remember there are cloths at the stadium to change into for our performance right?" Harry gave me a confused look. "Jake, I want it all to be perfect." He cupped his hands on my cheeks. "It will be, now get dressed before someone else comes in. I am sure Lou will have no trouble at all walking through that door at any moment." I grabbed the set closest to me Harry grabbed the other set and we both got dressed.

Back stage was hectic. Niall pulled out his guitar and I started to practice Darlin' like I sang before. I was so nervous and he could tell. "Jake, calm down you will do great. Just remember I will be up there by your side, so don't worry." He smiled and it made me feel better. "Okay, lets give it one more go." With that he started playing again. I closed my eyes and sang my heart out.

The song came to a close and I opened my eyes slowly. The entire stage crew was standing there aw stricken. I almost fell from my stool I was so shocked. The all started clapping. I started to blush. "I told you you would do great, and you will do even better on stage tonight." He got up and hugged me. The crew had dispersed and still running all around trying to get everything ready.

"There you are." Harry said walking up to us. "I have been looking all over for you." He sounded worried. "Well I better get going." Niall said putting his guitar away. "No Niall I was talking to you." He looked at Niall eyes filled with worry. "What?" Niall was confused. "It's Lakota." Harry's words made both of us look at him in shock. "What is it? What's wrong? Where is she?" Niall rean up to him with pleading eyes. "Follow me." Harry's face softened and turned into a smile. 'Why was he smiling?' 

When we got to the dressing room where the girls were surrounding Lakota Niall ran up to her. "What is it? Harry said there was something wrong." He was holding her close. "Nothing is wrong, unless you don't want to be a father." Lakota smiled up at him. "What?" Niall looked at her with wide eyes and a huge smile. "I'm pregnant." She said in a soft tone. "This is amazing! I can't wait, I am gonna be a dad! Can you believe it boys?!" Niall was ecstatic. Niall and Lakota were going to have a child, I was speechless.

The concert went as planned, but with two new announcements. the first was me singing alone, and the second was that Niall and Lakota were going to have a baby. Time came for my song, and I was so nervous. I looked to Niall, and he looked back at me nodding his head. He started the song and I started to sing. The crowd stayed silent for a few minutes after the performance. Niall stood up and walked over to me, he gave me a hug. "I knew they would hate me." I whispered accidentally into his mic. That is when one person in the front row started yelling at me. "Jake, we don't hate you. You were simply perfect, we are all just so speechless. You are a perfect fit for Harry, and everyone here knows it." The fan was a young man, his word brought me to tears. "Just because we don't applaud doesn't mean we hate you, It just means you are too perfect for our claps. We love you." after he said that the entire stadium erupted in a furious scream of joy at my performance or his words, I couldn't tell. 

Harry walked out on stage and stood next to me. He motioned his hands so the people would quiet down. "There is just one more announcement before we leave you tonight." He smiled at me and wiped one of my tears away. I didn't know there would be another new announcement. "You all know how Niall and Lakota are going to be having a baby in about nine months..." He paused and the crowd went wild. "Well I have decided that Jake and myself are going to adopt a baby girl after the tour is over." The crowd let out the biggest 'Aww' I have ever heard. "Harry, are you serious?" I looked at him, and he looked at me. "Of course." He kissed me and that concert ended with fans screaming and clapping.

After the concert the boys actually had a signing. Harry asked me to come with him to the signing, I happily obliged. Fans screaming and all in a line. It was kind of chaotic really. This young man stepped up to the table got his things signed. He asked if he could get a picture with me and Harry. "You two are the reason I have never given up on love." He was so kind. "Thank you for everything." He was about to walk away when I recognized his voice. "Wait." I said he turned around and looked right at me. "Thank you. It means a lot. Your words made me cry, and I needed that. Thank you." I said with a sweet smile. "It was nothing, and a lot of people were thinking it in there. I mean did you hear those screams?" He walked away with a smile on his face.

That Night the concert ended late and we all decided to order pizza back at the hotel. "I cant wait to find out what you're going to name you baby." I said to Lakota with a huge smile. "Well if it's a boy me and Niall have been thinking Xavier, and if it's a girl Carlton." She said putting a hand on her stomach and smiling. "What are you going to name you baby girl. I mean I assume you will adopt an abandon child and name her yourselves." I hadn't thought much of it. "That is exactly what we will do, and she will be perfect." Harry said wrapping his arms around me. "What will you name her then?" Niall repeated Lakota's question. "I was thinking Darcy, but Jake hasn't put in his two cents yet." He kissed my forehead. "I was thinking maybe Cecilia. It sounds really pretty, but I like Darcy too." I got a puzzled look like I was deep in thought. "We will decide when the time comes." Harry kissed my lips and brought me out of my thought. "I got it!" I said excitedly. "What is it?" Harry looked confused. "Her name will be Darcy Cecilia Styles." I kissed his cheek smiling at my compromise. "I love it." He kissed me and that night we got no sleep, we all stayed up talking about different things, even after the Pizza was all gone. 

After about four in the morning everyone went to their rooms. I don't know about the others but Harry and I stayed up even later. Harry and I talked about nothing really. He laid on the bed and I laid on his chest. He heart beat was soothing and consistant. "Harry?" I said in a sleepy tone. "Yes, babe?" He sounded sleepy too. "do you think we will be good fathers?" I was nervous to hear his answer. "Of course we will. You and I are both great with kids and you deserve it." He kissed my forehead. "I love you." I yawned. "I love you more." He yawned too. I smiled and kissed him.

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