Gotta Be You ~*Finished*~

This is the story of how Harry Styles, of the hotest new boy band One Direction, fell in love with an American... BOY!?!? O.o

Jake just moved to London, like he has always wanted, and meets the boys of One Direction the same day he move. After living in London and getting to know the boys quite well, and the boys getting to know him quite well. Jake cannot hold back his feelings and tell Harry how he feels, but when Jake didn't hear what he knew he was going to, everything changed.


12. 12 Part 1/2: Save You Tonight

It has been one month since the wedding. We got so many congratulations from fans, and we were trending Twitter like no other. We had made news headlines world wide. We were everywhere. Not just me and Harry, but Niall and Lakota as well, if not more. It all seemed a bit much, but we still kept our lives the same, but we knew there would be a lot of interviews in the near future.

Laughter filled the air. "What is wrong with you?" Niall snickered. "There is nothing wrong with me,I am simply in love." Harry said smiling at me. I couldn't help blush. "And that is the exact reason why." He kissed my forehead softly. Movie night as usual, well lately anyway, consisted of all of us at Harry, mine, Louie, and Eleanor's house. 

"So are you ready for the tour this year?" Lakota asked generally, but more directed at Niall. "Why wouldn't I be, I have the love of my life going with me." He smiled and kissed her. "What about you?" She turned to look at Harry and I cuddled on the other couch. "As long as Jake is by my side I am ready for anything." He smiled at me, and I cuddled closer. "Maybe if we're lucky he will sing on stage with us." He gave me a nudge. "Harry. Please stop saying that." I didn't look at him. "Why? You have an amazing voice, and I am sure the fans would love to hear it." Harry turned my head so we were staring into each other's eyes. "You are the only person here who has ever heard me sing, and you are my husband so of course you like my singing." I stuck my tongue out at him. "Jake, I didn't know you could sing. Please sing for us. Please." Liam said bouncing up and down. "Yeah come on, I bet you are great." Zayn said looking at me while holding Perrie close. "Please Jake." Eleanor and Louis turned to me now. "Jake, you will do great." Lakota said while Niall pulled out his guitar. "Fine, but what should I sing?" I asked sitting up. They all spoke at once, I could only hear Darlin' by Avril Lavigne. "I'll sing that one." I said pointing at Liam. " Yes! Darlin' it is." He said proudly. Niall Started playing and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

I started off a bit shaky but then it all smoothed out. As the song came to a close I opened my eyes. Niall put his guitar down and looked at me amazed. I looked around and they all had similar looks on their faces. "I told you you were amazing." Harry said wrapping his arms around me. The house erupted in screams and clapping. "Jake you were wonderful.' Danielle said looking away from Liam with a smile. "Absolutely smashing!" Perrie said getting up to hug me. I got up too and hugged her, but then everyone got up and I was the center of a group hug. "You should sing with us on the tour, we will do one cover just so you can sing with us on every stage." Louis said smiling at me. "Sure." I started to cry and Harry instantly wrapped his arms around me. "Don't cry love, you will do phenomenal." He said trying to get me to stop. "That's not it." I took a breath and wiped the tears away. "I'm crying, because you all are so nice to me, even when my voice is terrible." I smiled at Harry. "Not true, you voice is perfect." He kissed me on the lips. "Like an angle's." Niall said softly. "Hey now, you have a wife remember? You should talk about her being an angle not me." I giggled looking to him. He didn't say another word, and wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. "Now the tour starts tomorrow so we should all go to bed. Niall, Lakota, you two have the Guest room at the end of the hall. Liam, Danielle, the one across from theirs, and Zayn and Perrie, you can take the down stairs guest room." Louis said walking over to Eleanor. On that note the pairs separated and went to bed.

I woke up to the sound of people running about franticly. I got up and walked to the door and opened it. "What is going on out here." I said grabbing the arm of the closest passerby. "We all slept in." Eleanor jerked from my arm and ran down the stairs. My eyes widened. "HARRY! Get up we slept in!" I Ran to the closet and grabbed two button down shirts and two blazers. I threw one of each on Harry. That got his attention. We both got dressed and looked quite cute together waring semi-matching cloths. "COME ON! THE BUS IS HERE!" Liam shouted as everyone piled out of the house. 

We had one rehearsal before the concert at The O2 Arena. Before we new it it was time for the concert. Luckily I wasn't on with them at first I had a bit of time to eat and settle my nervs. Song after song played and then I heard, "Okay guys. This tour is going to be special. We have a guest that has a wonderful voice." I blushed. "Put you hands together for the one and only Jacob Styles!" Harry yelled and the fans erupted into screams. I walked out and they got even louder. "Hi everybody!" I shouted into the microphone and waved. "Harry and the boys convinced me that I should do this. So we will be singing one cover at every performance. So without further adue we will be singing Forever Young."

The music started playing and the boys stepped forward next to me. The crowd went silent and the voices of the boys just sounded perfect together. As the song came to the last courus, the boys fell back one by one, leaving me alone standing infront of the crowd. As I finished the song all by myself the crowd stayed quiet until one just screamed, and the rest of the crowd did the same. I broke down and started to cry infront of thousands of people. "Give it up for Jacob, the love of my life!" Harry said picking me up and kissing me infront of all the screaming fans. "See honey, they love your voice, and more importantly, you." He smiled at me while the audience was still screaming and clapping. "Tomorrow I want you to sing Darlin'. On your own." We looked into each other's eyes and I knew he wouldn't take no for an answer. "If you think I can then I will." I kissed his cheek. "I know you can." He smirked and kissed my forehead.

After the show we all went to dinner. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. After that we went to a hotel. Why I have no clue I thought our house was just fine, but I guessed wrong. Harry and I had a room across from Niall and Lakota and in between Louis and Liam's rooms. "Whats wrong babe?" Harry must have seen my depressing look. "Nothing." I lied. "When will you understand that you can't lie to me? I always know when something is wrong with you. So what it is?" He was a little full of himself. "Harry, what if they dont like me?" I kept my gaze to the floor. "Jake, they love you. Do you not remember earlier?" He sat next to me on the bed. "No Harry, They liked us tonight, tomorrow I am going to sing all alone. What if they hate me?" I could feel the tears start to well in my eyes. "Jake." He gently raised my chin to we were eye to eye. "It shouldn't matter what they think. I am your husband and I love you no matter what happens." He said with a sweet smile. I handed him my phone. My twitter mentions were up. he took one look and threw it down. "Jake, don't you ever listen to what they say. I love you and nothing they say or do will ever change that." He said wrapping his arms around me.

On my twitter I have been receiving tweets ever since the wedding. They would say thinks like Harry only married you because he felt sorry for you and No one like you, you are stupid and you don't deserve to be with Harry. All of it I felt true. Words were always my downfall. I can only take so much, but this had been happening for a month. I couldn't hide it form him anymore, I had to show him. 

"Do you really love me?" I asked looking to him. He had a hurt expression on his face. "Jake, of coures I love you. Those people are just jealous of the love we share. If I didn't love you would I have kissed you, on the lips, infront of thousands of screaming fans?" I smiled at that. "See you see it. Jake, you are the one for me and you always will be. Now lets put those haters in their place." He looked at me with a devilish grin spread across his face. "Harry you are not getting on my twitter and telling them anything." I glared at him. "That is not what I was thinking at all. Now grab your laptop, and bring it here." He said pointing to my laptop case on the desk across the room. "What are you going to do?" I questioned, getting up to go get it. "Just bring it here." He commanded. "Not with that attitude mister." I said in a sassy tone. "Please." he said making the most adorable puppy dog face. "Fine." I climbed back onto the bed and handed him the computer. He pulled it out and got on twitcam.

My twitcam. "Harry, what are you doing?" I tried to grab the computer but he pulled it out of my reach. "I am doing what you would never do. Jake I love you, and this is to stop this bullshit." I looked at him in shock. He never swears when I am around. Which is funny because I swear all the time. "Fine." I kissed him and he proceeded to have me log in. Harry tweeted 'Doing a twitcam with my hubby @Harry_Styles' when it started playing. Instantly there were over two thousand viewers. I looked at the camera and realized I was lying n Harry's chest. I could hear his heart beat, and the questions rolled in. "First off, if you are any of these people." He pulled my phone to his face and read off a couple of the names that sent me hate. "Then you are down right stupid.Jake is the love of my life, and the shit you are saying to him hurts me just as much as him." He looked so serious and almost threatening. "So nock this damn bullshit off you will not have a happy Harry. Jake is my husband. You dont like it?" He emphasized the word 'husband' and then cleared his throat. "That is too damn bad. If you don' like him then you don't like me. Jake did nothing wrong, and you treat him like shit. What is wrong with you people?" I got a saddened look on my face and Harry noticed. "Look at him, you did this. If you ever want to call yourself a directioner I suggest you clean up your act, because I am sick of this shit. It is not going to happen, not to Jake, not to Lakota, not to any of the boys or their girlfriends. Do you understand me?" He was so scary, I couldn't help but shudder. He wrapped his arm around me to comfort me. I was still too scared. I read so many apologies one after another, and some from the same person multipul times. "Now that that is all cleared up, how about a normal fun and lively twitcam?" The tweets just stopped almost instantly. Until one poped up after about two minutes. Harry cleared his throat. "Harry what are you doing?" He read aloud, and I recognized the user name. It was Lakota. "I-" I cut him off so he wouldn't say anything harsh. I took a deep breath and sat up. "He is doing what I never could. He is sticking up for me. Now come across to our room and I will show you why." I said calmly staring blankly at the screen.

There was a knock at the door. "Harry take over and don't do anything stupid." I got off of his chest and walked to the door. I opened it and she stormed in. I put a hand infront of her to be quiet. "Here." I said handing her the same thing I handed Harry before he started the twitcam. She dropped the phone and it bounced as it hit the carpeted floor. "Jake-" She was interrupted by another knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole. All I could see was thick messy blonde hair. I opened the door. "Jake what i going on-" he stopped when Lakota picked up the phone and handed it to him. He didn't say another word he just wrapped his arms around me and so did Lakota. "One second." Harry said he turned the laptop to face the three of us hugging. "See that? That is love, Jake has it with all of us, and if you don't like it, then you can shove it. Bye." He logged me out and got up to join the hug.

When the two left Harry just wrapped his arms around my waist. "I told you our love should be all that matters to you." He kissed my cheek. "I guess you were right." I smiled turning around in his arms to kiss him on the lips.

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