That's Life - Plain and Simple

This is my actual diary. I thought to myself, none of you know me or go to my school, you'll probably never meet me, and I believe that you're all above making fun of people. I will use this to ask for advice, give advice on various things, and just express my feelings and thoughts on various things. Please do not take offence to anything I say in my diary! =) I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings through writing this.


16. Ultimate Turn Offs

To be honest, i'm very bored so I decided to make a list of turn offs in a guy. 

WARNING: My list is long! ;p

1. Guys who smell really bad

2. Guys who spit

3. Guys who excessively swear

4. Guys who see girls as a prize or piece of meat

5. Players

6. Guys who don't talk to girls in public

7. Guys are rude to peolple

8. Guys who have two brain cells

HaHa yeah I'm bored, here's a list of turns ons (I guess you would call them?)

1. Guys with lovely eyes

2. Guys who smell really really good

3. Guys who are fairly tall

4. Guys who actually talk to girls and make them feel special

5. Guys who are smart

6. Guys who are funny

7. Guys who care about peoples well-being 

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