That's Life - Plain and Simple

This is my actual diary. I thought to myself, none of you know me or go to my school, you'll probably never meet me, and I believe that you're all above making fun of people. I will use this to ask for advice, give advice on various things, and just express my feelings and thoughts on various things. Please do not take offence to anything I say in my diary! =) I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings through writing this.


13. Ugh! Boys!!!!

*sigh* Fred, I though I was over him, apparently not!

I forgot to give you guys an entry on this other guy, who may or may not have been my very first serious crush ;) We'll call him Steve for lack of a better name.

Steve was my very first crush and I think I like him once again. I don't know why. He constantly gets me into trouble with my BFF, @lindsaylove174, and today he got me in trouble for talking! Now mind you, he got in trouble too because we were both talking to each other, but I'm the type of student who rarely ever gets in trouble.

Yesterday I was hanging out with Bill, waiting for my bus. I think you can guess what happens next:

Fred walks over and says, "I'm just gunna hang out with you guys."

Me, "Ok, sure."

Bill, "Hey, I gotta go, seeya!" 

And he legit walks away! He simply leaves me after I specifically told him not to leave me alone with Fred. (like I said before, I'm trying to get over the jerk)

Fred is making 'getting over him' very hard though. Yesterday, after Bill left, we had an awkward conversation about school. Then we stood in silence for awhile. Then his bus came and as he left to get on it, he winked at me. Yes, ladies and gents, he winked at me.

I was like O.O I'm seeing things.

Sadly no, because when the bus drove away and actually waved AND smiled at me! For Fred's standards that's HUGE.

Today, I bought some yummy apple cider from my school caff. As I was waiting for my bus Fred comes over and asks me for some. Before I even get a chance to answer, he grabs it, takes a huge swig, then gives it back to me. 

Before you ask, yes I drank the rest of it.


Bill is still ignoring me, as usual, but we'll see if that changes tomorrow when I see him in Concert Band then again in Jazz Band.

Oh Joy! 

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