That's Life - Plain and Simple

This is my actual diary. I thought to myself, none of you know me or go to my school, you'll probably never meet me, and I believe that you're all above making fun of people. I will use this to ask for advice, give advice on various things, and just express my feelings and thoughts on various things. Please do not take offence to anything I say in my diary! =) I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings through writing this.


3. Trust vs Cellular Phones

Ok, one of my best friends, @hannah.k, totally 100% betrayed my trust using a cellular phone. I was pilling my emotional guts out to her viz text message; and it turn out, it wasn't even her! It was one of her friends whom I don't even know. To make matters worse, the guts I was spilling may or may not be about Bill.

The worst part of this entire thing though: She admitted that she GAVE her phone to this person DURING our conversation. Plus this person is in his class!

So that's the emotional update.

Good Tip: Do NOT, under any circumstances, spill your guts to ANYONE unless you know EXACTLY who it is!


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