That's Life - Plain and Simple

This is my actual diary. I thought to myself, none of you know me or go to my school, you'll probably never meet me, and I believe that you're all above making fun of people. I will use this to ask for advice, give advice on various things, and just express my feelings and thoughts on various things. Please do not take offence to anything I say in my diary! =) I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings through writing this.


2. Guys And Their Stupid Hormones

I have had just about enough of the guys at my school. One day they're flirt with you and the next they're telling you to f-off! Honestly, they're more hormonal than pregnant women!

Have you ever been in the awkward situation where there is an unspoken war going on between the two guys your talking to? If not, your lucky. The other day I was talking to this guy that I kinda sorta like, lets call him Bill for the lack of a better name. This other guy, lets call him Fred, walks up and stand directly in between Bill and I. Coincidence? I think not.

Then he starts talking to me like nothing happened! This is also the same guy who purposely whacks me in the face during dodge-ball and calls me a b!tch every time I try to talk to him. Now I know that people say when guys pick on you and tease you, it means that they like you. But I just never believed that.

Anyway, Fred has a tendency to ask me for gum. Every single time he sees me, he asks me if I have gum and if he can have some. It really chizzes me off. This time he saved his signature "You got any gum?" question for later and started right off with asking me why I hate him. To be honest, the question caught me off guard, mainly because I used to like this guy. Last year...when he wasn't so much of a jerk.

Why would he ask me if I hate him? To this day I still have no flipping idea and to this day it still bothers me to death.

One of my other many guy related problems involve my little sister. My little sister just happens to be best friends with Bill's little sister. She also happens to know who I like. And guess what?


Yeah, my life sucks because I think he is avoiding me now :'( But that aside, Fred does this who interfering thing every time I talk to a guy. If I'm waiting at the bus stop by myself he acts like I'm completely invisible. If Bill or any other guy happen to be there Fred with come right over and openly flirt with me. Possessive much? I don't know, and when I talk to my lovely friend @BreeBree at her locker, he comes up and makes it a point to flirt with every girl within hearing range.

Can anyone tell me what this means?

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