Can't Help Falling in Love

Jade has an awesome boyfriend, THE Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Nathan decides to surprise Jade with an exclusive pass to hang out with THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. Zayn and Jade are instantly attracted to each other, but what about Nathan?


25. Time Is Slipping Away


Nathan's P.O.V.


Please, give a huge round of applause for The Wanted and One Direction! said a voice over the intercom. A burst of energy erupted the fans. We all bowed down, pretending as though this was our last song.

“Hello everyone,” Niall’s voice said from all angles of the room. “Thank you for coming out to our show, and we hope you enjoyed it…but we've got one more surprise!” I didn't think it possible, but the screams became even louder.

I looked around for the others and smiled at them. This has been one hell of a night, and now we’re going to end it with a blast.

“All of you guys are absolutely incredible and this one goes out for all of you!” Louis shouted.

The tempo to “Glad You Came” began playing. This was going to be huge. I grinned and could only imagine how Jade was feeling.


Jade's P.O.V.


This was too much! I couldn't handle the excitement. How is this possible? This is incredible! How could Nathan not tell me about their collaboration?

I was already dead before Zayn’s part came on.

So c-come on, you got it wrong, to prove I’m right, I’ll put it in a song, I don’t know why, you’re being shy, and turn away when I look into your e-eyes…

And then Nathan’s part came on.

Turn the lights off now, now I’ll take you by the hand, hand you another drink, drink it if you can, can you spend a little time, time is slipping away, away from us, so stay…

I wasn't trying to compare, but I knew then. I knew what my decision had to be. Yes, I loved Nathan, but there was more, something that I just couldn't explain. I laughed and I cried and I sang along, but this time because I knew I loved Zayn and the consequences no longer mattered, only that me and him were together.

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