Can't Help Falling in Love

Jade has an awesome boyfriend, THE Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Nathan decides to surprise Jade with an exclusive pass to hang out with THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. Zayn and Jade are instantly attracted to each other, but what about Nathan?


3. She's My Girlfriend


Nathan's P.O.V.

I watched Zayn walk down the pathway towards the stage. This was going to be a major concert for both of our careers, but this meeting didn't have anything to do with it. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, Jade, for our six month anniversary and I had always known she was a major fan of One Direction, especially of Zayn, so I decided on this as the perfect surprise. She was supposed to be here in a couple of minutes.

“Hey Zayn!” I smiled at him as he came closer.

“What’s up, Nathan,” he replied. He looked around. “So, who’s this fan I’m supposed to meet?”

“Um, she’ll be here in few minutes, but I wanted to talk to you before you met her.”

“So, this person’s a she?” he asked. I nodded. “I can’t guarantee I won’t win her over,” he joked, or at least I hoped.

I laughed nervously. “Yeah…good one. Anyways…” I continued. “She’s a really gigantic fan. She’s a fantastic girl, and she’s my girlfriend as well.”

“Oh, now I see why that was a horrible joke. I’m sorry,” he smiled kindly. Damn, I almost feared he would win Jade’s heart.

“Yeah, and you see, our six-month anniversary is coming up,” I said, anxiously looking back at the entrance.

Zayn whistled. “Shoot, that’s a long time,” he chuckled.

“I know, but possibly the best six months of my life,” I grinned as past memories roamed in my mind.

“That’s cool. So I guess you want me to make her absolutely happy by meeting one of her favorite celebrities so that she can thank you later for being the most amazing boyfriend ever?” he asked.

“Exactly,” I said. “So, um, she’ll be here soon, so just…wait here.”

Zayn sat on a nearby seat as I went back to the stage to prep for the concert. The rest of the guys were already testing their vocals and moves as I pondered Zayn’s words. I hope he did make Jade happy, but just not too happy.

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