Can't Help Falling in Love

Jade has an awesome boyfriend, THE Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Nathan decides to surprise Jade with an exclusive pass to hang out with THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. Zayn and Jade are instantly attracted to each other, but what about Nathan?


11. Now It's Your Turn


Jade's P.O.V.

“Shit! It’s so cold!” Zayn shouted once he reached the water. I giggled as I saw him creep slowly into the water. I had to step away from Zayn as he was undressing because I was worried I might do something stupid. Even from this point of view, all I wanted was to run down to him and make out with him. Had I mentioned before that he looked like a freakin’ sex god, especially now that I had seen him in the nude? Well he does, beyond my wildest dreams.

I walked towards the water so that the small waves would wash over my feet. Zayn watched me the whole way. His face looked childlike, as though he were expecting me to make the next move.

“I did it,” he smiled. I laughed. “Now it’s your turn.”

I nodded. “But I don’t know how to swim,” I complained, turning the tables on him.

“Come on, I’m right here,” he said, holding his hand out. I began to remove my tube top and gently dropped it in the sand. I suddenly felt subconscious of my body even though Nathan was always telling me how beautiful I was. Here I was, removing my clothes in front of, not just a stranger, but a freakin’ celebrity. This was the same feeling I felt the first time I removed my clothes in front of Nathan. It’s such a weird feeling, but it wasn’t going to stop me. I removed my shorts, and Zayn wolf whistled.

I laughed. “Stop it, Zayn. You’re making me feel like a stripper.” This got him cracking up, but his eyes never wavered as I removed my undies and bra. “Shit,” I whispered to myself. I began walking into the water, which wasn’t cold at all. I stopped where Zayn was, which meant that the water only reached my belly button. Even though the water wasn’t cold, I felt goosebumps rise. I looked up at Zayn, whose eyes were staring back intently. “The water’s not that cold, you know,” I said, trying to stop the silence.

Zayn smiled. “Maybe because I didn't have you next to me,” he whispered. Next thing I knew, Zayn’s lips were on top of mine. My lips followed without hesitation because, for some reason, I felt like this was the right thing to do even though I knew it would only lead to terrible consequences.

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