Can't Help Falling in Love

Jade has an awesome boyfriend, THE Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Nathan decides to surprise Jade with an exclusive pass to hang out with THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. Zayn and Jade are instantly attracted to each other, but what about Nathan?


9. Insecure


Nathan's P.O.V.

“Do you feel better now?” Max asked me as I hung up the phone.

I smiled sarcastically and then nodded. “Quite frankly, yes.”

“Does this mean you’re not going to the club with us now?” Siva asked as he walked into the room.

“What? Of course; I didn’t get dressed up for nothing,” I said. Although in the inside, I was ready to slip into some PJ’s and watch movies. I looked around at the guys, who were finishing up with the small details of their outfits. I wouldn’t let my insecurities ruin their night, so I’d just play along until they danced their bums off. I looked up at my watch. 11:30. I didn’t know when Zayn would drop off Jade, but I only hoped it was soon.


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