Can't Help Falling in Love

Jade has an awesome boyfriend, THE Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. Nathan decides to surprise Jade with an exclusive pass to hang out with THE Zayn Malik from One Direction. Zayn and Jade are instantly attracted to each other, but what about Nathan?


7. Driving Me Crazy


Nathan's P.O.V.

Three missed calls. No, never mind, make that a fourth one. I laid my phone once again on the table. I sighed. I took a peak towards Max. I sighed even louder. Nothing. This time I groaned.

Max dropped his phone next to him on the couch and then sighed. “What is it now, Nathan?” he said. I smiled, even though I was a nervous wreck in the inside.

“It’s Jade,” I practically yelled. I felt exasperated. Jade is beautiful and kind and amazing and wonderful, which is why she is able to practically win any guy’s heart over. That’s how she won me over at least. But now she’s meeting the guy of her dreams, and I’m not kidding about that. She has been dreaming about Zayn, and she has a secret stash of all things One Direction. She thinks and talks and searches things about them all the time. Now I’ve most likely made her life by having Zayn hang out with her all day long. I know Jade loves me, but what if she loves Zayn just a tad bit more now?

“Nathan,” Max said while snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Stop thinking about it or you’re just going to drive yourself mad.”

“I can’t. I mean, how can I?” I said, jumping up to my feet. “She’s not answering my calls, and neither is Zayn, so how am I supposed to know they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t?”

“By trusting them…well, at least Jade,” Max said. He began checking his phone again.

“Hey you guys,” Jay said as he walked into the living room. “You guys ready to film our next Wanted Wednesday video?” he asked, holding up his video camera.

“No, not really,” I moaned. Jay looked questioningly at Max.

“He thinks Jade is cheating on him with Zayn,” Max answered nonchalantly, still looking at his phone.

“No, I never said that!” I retaliated.

“But you were thinking it,” he said, still not glancing up.

“Jade?” Jay asked with a smile. “I think she’s way too sweet and kind to do such a thing.”

“I tried to tell him,” Max said, and this time he looked back at me with a smile.

I stuck my tongue out at him and then checked my phone once again. But maybe Max was right. If I kept thinking about it, I’d drive myself mad.

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