Country Pride [A Harry Styles Love Story]

Aspyn is the Kentucky born n' raised daughter of a small-town Thoroughbred breeder. Her life revolves around her father's horses, and her life is turned upside down when the world's most popular boy band drives through her little town of 400 people.


2. Sea of Darkness

"Hey Reddy-boy," I greeted the the big, chestnut stallion, stroking a hand down his coppery neck as he let out a low nicker.  Standing at over 17 hands, the big Thoroughbred was quite imtimidating unless you knew about the fluffy little lamb under his large, muscular exterior.  Redfury was a true sweetheart dispite his size...and tendency to bite the grooms and jockeys...and have an extreme fear of cars after an accident as a foal.  He had never been able to bond with anyone except for me.  After he was born on Daddy's friend's farm, his mother was unable to produce milk, so I took to raising the rowdy colt.  On his way to Daddy's farm he had an accident in the trailer that required thirty-five stitches on his left cheek.  He had been fearful of cars and trailers ever since.  After he recovered, I was the one who trained him and bonded with him, and he never allowed another human to touch him.  At first, it was an issue that I wanted to fix as soon as possible, but after several years of working at it, I only managed to get him comfortable with the grooms feeding him his grain and ration of hay in the morning.  He was now seven years old and in his prime years, but still had never been raced.  Redfury found his calling in the breeding shed (literally) and had already produced top racehorses, many of which went on to win major stakes races.

After sweeping the dandy brush over Redfury's already flawless coppery body, I grabbed my saddle and finished tacking him up.  Grabbing a handful of his mane, I leaped up from the ground and vaulted on to his back.  He danced in place, eager to get going.

"Alright, alright," I laughed, soothingly rubbing his lean, muscular neck.

"You going for a ride, chica?"  One of the grooms called out from mucking one of the stalls.  I tried to help out with mucking the stalls and cleaning tack, since I enjoyed it, but one 16 year old girl couldn't clean the 80 stalls.  It took five fit and healthy men well over 6 hours a day to clean stalls in the morning.

"Yeah, might take Redfury running on the stretch," I answered.  The stretch was what all the riders called the long strip of flat, straight fields that stretched out for miles along the quiet road that went next to the town.  The stretch was the perfect place to let an anxious horse blow out some steam and relax.

"Have fun, princessa! And watch out for that beast!" he warned, referring to Redfury.

I just laughed.   Redfury snorted underneth me, as if he was upset by the comparison. I simply shifted my weight slightly forward and he took off at a prancing trot. 

I allowed him to keep the pace for a few minutes as we made our way through the woods that surrounded the twenty-horse barn.  After he was warmed up I collected him slightly and gave him a small nudge with my heels, asking him to canter.  He immediately responded and we went cantering through the woods.  Redfury jumped at a snake darting in front of the path, but I was able to sit deep and keep him quiet.  As he settled down and relaxed into his stride we approached the stretch of completely flat fields running up against a road.  Rarely any cars drove on the road, so I hoped today was a day that none would show up while I was galloping Redfury.

I leaned forward slightly and tucked my body up along his neck as he lengthened his stride into one that rivaled the great Secretariat's.  I had no doubts that if he could be ridden by a jockey he would be breaking records left and right.   As the fields flattened out into the stretch I crouched lower and allowed Redfury to run. I could feel his muscles bunching up and releasing with every graceful stride he took.  I could feel the power beneath his hindquarters, the wind whipping against my cheeks, and could smell the musky scent of his mane as it brushed against the tip of my nose.  This was what I lived for, and what Redfury was made to do.

Suddenly, I heard a huge screech from my left and then my world ended in a sea of darkness.



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