Country Pride [A Harry Styles Love Story]

Aspyn is the Kentucky born n' raised daughter of a small-town Thoroughbred breeder. Her life revolves around her father's horses, and her life is turned upside down when the world's most popular boy band drives through her little town of 400 people.


1. Horses and All

"Omigod, omigod, OMIGOD!!"  My little sister, Anna, shrieked at the top of her lungs.  She leaped up from her spot on the couch and started bouncing up and down.  "How can you NOT be excited about this, Aspyn? There only like the most amazing boy band ever!!"

I rolled my eyes.  "Take a hike, Anna."  I turned my attention back to the television and stifled a sigh of annoyance.  "Most of them are over twenty years anyway," I muttered.  Ofcourse, the most annoying boy band in the world has to come driving through our little town of a mere four hundred of all days.

"YOU take a hike!" Anna spat back like a furious little she-cat, her innocent demeanor leaving instantly.  "Why can't you be like every normal girl in the world?"  Distracted by a beep from her phone, she glanced downward and began pecking away at the minature letters. 

Anna was two years younger than my sixteen years, topped out at 5'4, had the same blue/green eyes as mine, but was a brunette and wore a whole lot of makeup than I did on a daily basis.   She didn't enjoy Daddy's Thoroughbreds either and preferred to stay inside texting with those sluts she called her friends and dumb-ass boys who only cared about getting laid and their hair.

"Hey girls," Daddy's deep voice rumbled in a thick country twang as he entered from outside, bringing in the musky smell of horses, hay, and freshly cut grass.

"Hey Daddy!" Anna chimed, not looking up from her phone.  "Did you hear that One Direction is coming?!"

Daddy and I shared an exasperated look of understanding.  "So, Aspyn, are you gonna take Redfury for a ride this evening like you promised him?"  he asked me, ignoring his youngest daughter's question.

"Ofcourse, Daddy.  I never miss a ride."  I smiled up at my father and he returned it.

"Well, then git!" he laughed, giving me a little nudge.

I hopped up from my seat on the couch and went up to my room.  We lived good. Well...a little better than good.  Daddy made good money on his horses and Mama left when I was little, sending plently of money from her wealthly job overseas.

I changed into my riding breeches and tugged on a loose-fitting t-shirt with "2012 Kentucky Derby" scribbled on the front.  I swiped some mascara over my long, blond eyelasses and gave myself a glance in the mirror.  I was 5'7, thin, yet slightly curvy, with long, thick blond hair (naturally), and blue/green eyes.  Anna and I had a model for a mother, so we were told we were quite stunning.  However, I could find a lot of things about me that I would change: my breasts too small, skin too fair, finger nails short and stubby, and my nose a little too large.  But I love being imperfect.  It makes me unique, and it makes me who I am.

I slipped on my paddock boots, zipped up my half chaps, and grabbed my riding helmet. As I came down the stair-case, Anna gave a sarcastic whistle.  "Woah, watch out boys," she jeered.  "Here's the hick who won't even wear a clean shirt when ONE DIRECTION is in town!"

I glanced to the back of my shirt.  A big, green horse kiss was smeared on the back.  Despite Anna's hurtful comments, I didn't care what boys thought about me.  When the right one came along, he'd like me for me.  Horses and all.


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