Country Pride [A Harry Styles Love Story]

Aspyn is the Kentucky born n' raised daughter of a small-town Thoroughbred breeder. Her life revolves around her father's horses, and her life is turned upside down when the world's most popular boy band drives through her little town of 400 people.


3. Gone

I twisted and turned, feeling trapped and alone.  Pain shot through my body and I cried out in pain.  The darkness was endless and went on forever.  I could feel lush grass scratching at my bare arms and the sunlight beat down and heat my skin.  But I couldn't escape the darkness.  Every thought was a blur and every feeling was agonizingly acute.

"Oh my God!" I heard a holler, and then a horse's weak nicker.

Redfury! Where was he? I felt strong, masculine arms wrap around me, and I shoved them away.  The world slowly came back into focus... and I remembered what had happened.  I was galloping Redfury down the stretch...and a car had came out of nowhere...

My eyes fluttered against the bright sunlight and I felt the grass beneath my back.  A figure was looking down at me with green eyes.  Eyes that matched the color of the grass. And curls... curly hair... My thoughts were scrambled as I struggled to sit up.

"Holy s**t!" I yelped as the pain shooting through my head and left arm echoed throughout the rest of my body.  But I had to get to Redfury. I managed to get to feet, but my knees threatened to buckle and my head was spinning.  Warm, strong arms went around me yet again and held me upright.  But to my scrambled and injured mind, those arms represented a prison that held me back from reaching my horse.  I clawed and screamed, yelling out colorful words that I had learned at the racetrack from the 'wrong crowd' that Daddy sometimes hired to help out with the Thoroughbreds.

I kicked back out at my captor and knew that I had hit what I was aiming for when I heard a groan of pain.  But all I cared about was Redfury... Where was he?! My vison flashed black and red...and sometimes a fuzzy grey. I cradled my left arm against my chest as pain shot through it.  Stumbling forward, I caught sight of a large coppery figure lying motionless in the grass. "Redfury!" I cried out, feeling warm tears stream down my face. I somehow made it over to my horse and threw myself onto his side.  I screamed in pain, both from my physical injuries and from the mental injuries.

I felt his side rise and fall against my sobbing body and I rubbed my watery eyes.  He was injured.  Very badly.  There was huge gash across the front of his chest that travelled up to the middle of his neck.  Blood poured from the wound as he lifted his head and let out a weak nicker. He blinked his big black eyes up at me, then put his head back down against the grass and released a heavy sigh.

"Oh, Redfury!" I sobbbed, pressing my cheek against his side and causing my long blond hair to spread out across his bloody body.

My whole world was gone.

He was gone.



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