Country Pride [A Harry Styles Love Story]

Aspyn is the Kentucky born n' raised daughter of a small-town Thoroughbred breeder. Her life revolves around her father's horses, and her life is turned upside down when the world's most popular boy band drives through her little town of 400 people.


5. Damn



Our management had forced me to come to the hospital.  They said that if I had just driven right through the town after settling everything with the local police, then the media would protray the little accident as a "hit and run".  I felt bad for hitting the girl and her horse, but she would live.  She wasn't going to die.  It was annoying how management was making me stay in Kentucky for an extra week, but was allowing the rest of the boys to leave.  Couldn't we just give the girl some concert tickets and call it a day? I was eager to get back on the road, but Americans would blow everything out of proportion.

Management had wanted me to personally apologize to the girl, hang out with her for a bit once she got out of the hospital, and then finally leave.  I didn't see why all of this was necessary.  She was a beautiful girl, and I guess management thought that the media getting some nice pictures would make them forget all about the little accident. I just went along with whatever game they wanted me to play.

I put on what I hoped was a sincere smile and made my way to her hospital room.  I opened the door and stepped inside.

She looked so frail...seeing her curled up and sleeping in the cold hospital room with her long blond hair spread out across her pillow.  She looked so much more different than when I had first saw her.

Driving along the road I noticed a young girl riding on top of a huge red horse.  She had goldeny-blond hair that shimmered in the sunlight and a figure that most girls would die for--fit, lean, and leggy.  Models and some of the most beautiful women in the world that throw themselves at me could not even compare to this this girl who was so simply and naturally beautiful.  Even from a distance I could see that she wore little to no makeup, and by the way she dressed I could tell that she was not concerned by the way she looked or what people thought of her.  Something about her drew me in and made her so much more different than the girls I was normally attratched to. 

I was so distracted I lost control of the car and crashed into her.

Damn, was I a stupid idiot.


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