Tilli Reint [pronunciation,Tilly Rante] is a young witch. She isn't like your evil green witch, but she isn't super nice. She does magic when people need it but is mischievous too. She goes around doing magic and runs into troubles. Boy troubles. One Direction troubles. Witches are not allowed to marry or date anyone with no magic, because their magic has it's own ways. If they get mad their magic goes out of control. She falls in love with louis and has even more troubles because he is dating Eleanor. She works through it, but who does she come out with?


3. Toullie. [Louis and Tillie]

I grinned to myself and twirled my finger at Eleanor. She slipped backwards and smashed her head on her car door. She screamed shrilly and Louis ran up to her. I slowly wandered up and stood two steps behind them. Eleanor was crying quietly and holding her head. There was a bruise and a bump and that was all. I walked to the door as Louis picked her up. I turned around and twirled my finger. Louis' hands went to his sides and Eleanor crashed to the driveway. "Aaah!" She cried as she hit the ground. She fell onto her back.

Louis helped her up and when she was standing she slapped him. He took a step back and Elanor walked back up. She shoved him down and limped to her car. She slammed the door and drove away. I ran over to Louis and helped him up. I brought him inside and gave him and icepack for where Eleanor had slapped him. That she had done on her own will.

I walked to the kitchen and peeked into the living room. I twirled my finger at Louis and he sat up and aid, "My cheek doesn't hurt at all anymore." I took the icepack and put it in the freezer. I walked back out with Peanut on my shoulder. I put her in Louis' lap and he started sneezing and his face started swelling. "I-I don-n't know wht it is- but I think I'm allergic to that-kind." He sputtered out. I jumped up and put Peanut in her tiny cage which she hated. I locked it and ran to a cupboard. I took out a giant bin and ran to the living room with it. I opened it with magic and looked around. I couldn't help Louis with magic, because I had never praacticed that kind of magic. I sorted throught the different medicines in the bin and found allergy pills. I opened the bottle and looked at the side. I pulled out four pills and shoved them in Louis' mouth. He swallowed and the swelling went down the slightest bit. I twirled my finger at the phone and waited, giving Louis one more pill a minute. I heard sirens and the door burst open. Paramedics ran in and strapped Louis to a stretcher the put a tube in Louis mouth and set the stretcher on the table. They on strapped him and brought a small cart in. They crushed three multi coloured pills and shoved them in the end of the tube. They went into Louis' mouth and the swelling went down and his face wasn't red. They poured water over his face and he looked fine. They took him off the stretcher and layed him on the couch. "That scarred him. Now everyday he needs five of these pills and water over his face." A paramedic said and handed me a big pill bottle. They left with their stuff and Louis opened his eyes. "Thanks." He said and his voice sounded normal. I twirled my finger at Peanut and then took her out of the cage. "GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!" Louis screamed at me. I glared at him and stroked Peanut, because she was shaking like anything. I set her down and she hopped so quickly to the cupboard she practically flew. She hopped to The top and settled in her little cave. It was made of blankets and pillows were layed along the bottom. It was actually quite big, big enough for a full sized Golden Retreiver to fit in it. She stuck her face out and pulled the blanket that was hanging over the top. She yanked it down with her teeth, so it was covering the opening. I walked to Louis and the doorbell rang. I stood with my back to Louis and twirled my finger at the door. It opened and Eleanor stepped in. She walked to Louis and sat beside him. "I am so sorry. I know you didn't mean to hurt me and I am so glad that we are still together." She said and hugged him tight. I gritted my teeth and ran upstairs. I walked to my canopy loft bed and grabbed my phone. I twirled my finger at it and walked downstairs. Eleanor was tnading up with a mean expression on her face. I snapped a picture befor e she said "Oh no you don't, go apoligize to Louis. That was what she said." Eleanor said to Louis. I walked into the kitchen and closed the door. I twirled my finger and Louis voice yelled "Get that thing away from me!" I slid the voice icon to the picture of Eleanor pointing with a mean expression on her face. I took a picture of Peanut and put them together. I clicked play and Eleanor screamed, with her voice "GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!" While pointing at Peanut. I snapped my fingers and she continued screaming "I HATE BUNNIES AND ANYONE WHO LIKES THEM THE SLIGHTEST BIT!!!!!!!!" Underneath I typed 'Eleanor Calder hates bunnies and anyone who doesn't. Sent by anonymous.' I hit send and it popped onto Twitter. In five minutes three million people had pressed 'boo' under the video and sent mean comments to Eleanor. I walked into the living room and put my phone on the table. Eleanor's phone dinged and she pulled it out. She looked at the screen and frowned. She handed it to Louis and he burst. "How did that end up on Twitter!? Wait, did you say that? Cause I said the first part before you got here but no one said the hate bunnies part." He said. Eleanor burst out crying and cudled up to Louis. He hugged her and Eleanor went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I pulled Louis upstairs. I closed the door and said "I have something to tell you..." "What?" Well... I think I kinda like like you..." I answered. All he did was open the door. Eleanor was standing there, shocked. She walked in and sat down. We all sat by her and she thought for a moment. "I haven't felt like we are working. Me and Louis. And when he dropped me, it realy hurt. Not pain, but inside. I think we should break up." Eleanor said. Louis shook his head no, and Eleanor cried "No I will breakup with you. I'm sorry but..." She trailed off. "Fine." Louis looked up at me and was about to continue but I cut him off. "Yes." I said. He hugged me and Eleanor ran downstairs. She went outside and left.

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