Tilli Reint [pronunciation,Tilly Rante] is a young witch. She isn't like your evil green witch, but she isn't super nice. She does magic when people need it but is mischievous too. She goes around doing magic and runs into troubles. Boy troubles. One Direction troubles. Witches are not allowed to marry or date anyone with no magic, because their magic has it's own ways. If they get mad their magic goes out of control. She falls in love with louis and has even more troubles because he is dating Eleanor. She works through it, but who does she come out with?


5. Loss and Gain

I scooped them up gently. I stared at the three kittens that were the size of the palm of my hand each.One was pure black, one pure white, and the last a mix of the two. They were are long haired and had little gold eyes. White would be Snow, black Crescent and mix Fallen Angel, Angel for short. I glanced into the box and little beds and toys appeared. One bed was white, one black and one a mix. They each got their colour foodbowls and toys. I layed them in the crook of my arms and snapped my fingers. There names appeared stithed onto their beds. I layed each of them in their bed and twirled my finger. Each thimble-sized bowl beacame two, and one filled with water and the other with food. I pushed the six bowls against the wall of the box and one more for each appeared, this time with soft kittens milk in them. They were a little bigger, and Fallen Angel stood and managed to stumble to hers and take a few sips from it. Then she fell over and tumbled into her bed. I giggled and stroked her head. I reamembered Peaut and put the box down. I snapped my fingers and a moving picture of the forest appeared in a picture on the wall. I saw Peanut lying dead on the ground, with leaves in her mouth. I picked up the box and snapped my fingers. Me, Louis and the kittens appeared in th forest. I gave the box to Louis mand knelt over her. I twirled my finger and a hole appeared and she floated into it. I arranged leaves and pretty flowers around her and closed up the hole. I found a fairsized pretty blue rock and as I stuck it in the ground a little above where her head would be, my writing appeared on it.

Peanut Reint 2006-2012.  My beloved bunny now rests here, so do not disturb                                               Rest In Peace


A week later the kittens were a half a pound bigger and were able to stand on their own. Fallen Angel Could walk and jump the height of my finger nail. I added aother cupboard to the cupboard stair thing and kitten sized stairs to the top of it. I added stairs to the tops of all the cupboards so the kittens could get to Peanuts old den. I put more beds, toys, food, water and milk in it and sat at the end of the lowest cupboard. I set Fallen Angel down infront of the first step and she slowly walked up the set. She jumped onto the cupboard-top and looked around, probably feeling proud. She slowly went up the rest and found the den. She licked up some milk and walked to the edge of the cupboard. Let me remind you again that there are some types of magic I do not know. She hurtled herself off the side and I dived towards her. I caught her safe and sound and snuggled her. I twirled my finger and railings higher the the little den formed around all the edges. I put her back in the box and saw Snow and Crescent walking slowly around the box. I clapped for them. They started to look tired so I put Fallen Angel in her bed and cooped them up. Louis grabbed Fallen Angel and wegrabbed a small blanket. We folded it an put it in the open space of the box. We layed them down so they were together and pushed up the blanket around them. I made another bigger milk bowl and put it above them in case they got thirsty, they didn't have to walk across the box. I sighed and curled up on the couch with Louis and aoon fell asleep.


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