Tilli Reint [pronunciation,Tilly Rante] is a young witch. She isn't like your evil green witch, but she isn't super nice. She does magic when people need it but is mischievous too. She goes around doing magic and runs into troubles. Boy troubles. One Direction troubles. Witches are not allowed to marry or date anyone with no magic, because their magic has it's own ways. If they get mad their magic goes out of control. She falls in love with louis and has even more troubles because he is dating Eleanor. She works through it, but who does she come out with?


2. Eleanor

I opened my eyes as I popped into a new neighbourhood. It was in a totally different place. London. I twirled my finger and muttered "New place." I had given myself a british accent.  I walked down the street and stopped in front of a house.

 I slipped to the side as the door opened and movers came out holding a couch. They loaded it into a moving truck and closed the door of the truck. They both hopped in the front and drove away. A couple and a little girl came out, the couple holding pillows and the little girl holding stuffed animals. They shut the door and the mom locked it and shoved the house keys under   the porch. They walked to the driveway and jumped into a jeep. They drove away after putting their stuff in the back.

I bent down and picked up the keys. I floated to the door and unlocked and opened it. I walked in and set my suitcases down. I twirled my finger and my designer furniture popped into places where it looked best. Now my house had furniture. Next stop food. Witches didn't require food but it was a habit for me. I walked into the large kitchen and twirled my finger.

I pointed to different things and they slid into the position I wanted them to. I twirled my finger behind me and I heard a pop as my suitcases vanished. Peanut hopped off my shoulder and started to explore. I popped out onto a busy street. I started walking and soon banged into someone.

A/N Just something I wanted to say.... In this One Direction is not famous. That's all.

I looked up and saw a cute boy with messy brown hair standing in front of me. He was wearing a white shirt that had blue and red stripes on the top. He had red jeans on and a denim jacket. "Sorry about that i didn't see you." I said. "So your'e from London?" He asked, ignoring my other question. i nodded and he said, "I could tell, your British accent and all..." "Hey want t come over to my new place?" I asked him nicely. He held up his finger, telling me to wait and pulled out a phone. He dialled a number and held it to his ear. "Hey sweet, wanna come to this girl's house. I bumped into her and she's really nice. K, sure." He hung up then said to me, "Ya my girlfriend is coming she'll meet us there. What's your address?" I told him my new house and he texted his girlfriend, who's name was Eleanor. I knew that cause it said that on the screen.

I led him to my house. When we got there a pretty  girl stepped out of her car. "Hey babe." She said to Louis. So this was Eleanor.

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