Tilli Reint [pronunciation,Tilly Rante] is a young witch. She isn't like your evil green witch, but she isn't super nice. She does magic when people need it but is mischievous too. She goes around doing magic and runs into troubles. Boy troubles. One Direction troubles. Witches are not allowed to marry or date anyone with no magic, because their magic has it's own ways. If they get mad their magic goes out of control. She falls in love with louis and has even more troubles because he is dating Eleanor. She works through it, but who does she come out with?


4. Adorable or what?

Over the next few weeks me and Louis became inspearable. One night I had just flshed to Louis' house and had walked in after knocking. I walked up to Niall and politley said "Hi where's Louis?" To him. He answered with a 'how am I supposed to know' look and walked upstainice little shop. rs. I found Liam in the kitchen and repeated my question. "Oh he stopped by and told us that he was going to go out of town to meet a girl he met and give her something nice. He grabbed a very beautiful picture that he had drawn and left after telling us he'd be back by midnight." Liam answered while perfecting a pile of whip cream on a pancake. I got mad. I lifted my hand and sparks of magic shot from my hand. They bounced around the room and kept multiplying. Wind whirled around and Liam ran to the door and bolted out the front door. I started glowing and I appeared at a nice little shop. Im was still glowing and magic was still coming out of my fingers, but less rapidly and it dissapeared after a few seonds. I marched towads Louis who was crouched by a irl who were bending over a picture and some wooden box. They were talking an pointing things out on the picture and in the box. I marched right up to him and opened my mouth to confront him. But instead a jumble of fury and macic came tumbling out and it sounded like a lion and a million other things I couldn't describe. Louis stumbled backwards and put his hhands on my shoulders. I shrugged them off and the girl hurried into the back room with the picture and the box. Louis calmed me down and explained that he did not like this girl, but ould still not tell me why he was here with her. I nodded and flashed out. I went home and found that Peanut had gone off on her hunt, which lasted a week. Sh went out and hunted for green leaves to supply her. When she went out I got worried because once she almost got eaten by a coyote. I layed on my ouch and drifted off to sleep.

Eleanors POV

I walked into the quaint little shop and saw Louis with a girl at the back of the store. I rubbed my face, which was red from crying. It had come nonstop for three weeks and was affecting my appearence. I snuck up to them and saw the most adorable thing in the box. I slowly turned and left the store. As I drove home I thought about Louis less and less.

Tillie's POV

I woke up as Louis walked up to me with the wooden box in his hands. He sat on the couch beside me and layed the box down. I looked inside and saw the most adorable thing in the box.

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