Tilli Reint [pronunciation,Tilly Rante] is a young witch. She isn't like your evil green witch, but she isn't super nice. She does magic when people need it but is mischievous too. She goes around doing magic and runs into troubles. Boy troubles. One Direction troubles. Witches are not allowed to marry or date anyone with no magic, because their magic has it's own ways. If they get mad their magic goes out of control. She falls in love with louis and has even more troubles because he is dating Eleanor. She works through it, but who does she come out with?


1. Peanut

I'm Tillie Reint. I am a witch. I am 1601 turning 1602. I go around doing good and mischief.

I pointed to the ground below and I flew towards the empty parking lot. I walked through the air as I was a foot from the ground. I walked in the air towards the school doors. I stopped in front of them and reluctantly jumped to the ground, making sure no one was watching.

I opened the doors and walked quickly to class. I saw the teacher standing by the blackboard talking. Too late, I thought. I twirled my finger in the air and popped into class as the teacher walked in. I smiled and turned to my notebook.

I doodled a pair of eyes looking through the page to the chalkboard. I twirled my finger again and they were coloured soft melted brown. They were my eyes. I sat there doodling different eyes I had seen in my life, and magically colouring them. After half an hour I had grey, blue, green, brown, hazel, black, murky red [vampire] and honey coloured eyes.

It had only been half an hour and this period was an hour and a half. I sat through another half an hour uneventfully, although I did make the teacher even more silly looking in a drawing, and finally gave up and twirled my finger. I looked around and everyone, including the teacher, was gone. I looked at the clock and it was 3:30. School had ended five minutes ago.

I snapped my fingers and appeared at my house. As I walked through the door I yelled "I'm home!" To my bunny. Her name was Peanut and she was so adorable. She was about the size of the palm of my hand. She had pure white fur and bright blue eyes.

I kissed the top of her head and picked her up. I walked over to the wall and placed her on top of the highest cupboard. They were placed so they were like stairs and they went until a bunny was able to jump from the lowest one to the ground. I started timing her and she hopped down as fast as she could. She always skipped three cupboards for fastest time. Today she skipped four. It took her exactly two seconds. I clapped for her and put her on the table. She hopped away and I twirled my finger. Two suitcases appeared in front of me, packed with my stuff. Peanut hopped over and jumped onto my shoulder. I took a breath and snapped my fingers. 

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