Don't Forget Me

Halley is moving to Doncaster, England on account of her Dad being transferred through work. Crazy how it's the hometown of one of her idols, Louis Tomlinson. She absolutely adored One direction but she thought meeting them or even being near them was just a fantasy that would never come true. So when she finds out they're moving to Doncaster Halley is nothing but shocked. What happens when she finds out she's living right next door to the Tomlinson's? Will she get to meet Louis? But what happens when they finally get together but have to split up because of a difficult relationship? Will Louis admit his true feelings or let her be happy without him?


20. Morning with the boys;)

A/N- OK sorry I haven't posted in I think a couple days but I was in Chicago with my little sister and my parents. We left on Thursday and just go back. We watched my cousin, Josh, play football in Ottawa for the playoffs and I saw Halley. So I'm really sorry it's been forever but I left my laptop at home and it was too hard to do off of my phone. Well I'm back so I'll try to post a lot.

Halley's P.O.V.

I slowly wake up the next morning in Louis' arms, my head on his warm bare chest. He was staring at me playing with my hair.

"Goodmorning beautiful!" He said still playing with my hair.

"morning, what time is it?" I asked

"10:30... I think."

"OK. Lets get ready I'm starving."

"Why do we have to get ready?" He asked, was he serious?

"Are you serious? You want to go down there completely naked!"

"Oh right I forgot I was naked, in that case lets get ready." He said getting up.

"I don't know what to wear. Can you help me?" I asked sounding like a little kid asking their mother that.

"Here just wear some of my sweats." he said and threw me a pair of his sweat pants. I put them on and a Hollister shirt. I went into the bathroom to do my hair and stuff. I straightened my hair and put on my glasses. I really did not feel like putting my contacts in. I didn't put on any make up because honestly I barely have any and almost never wear it. It bothers me. I came out and Louis was wearing his glasses also. He was wearing a black shirt with thin white stripes and some of his other pair of sweats. We went downstairs to have some breakfast. As we were walking down we could start to smell pancakes. We almost got trampled by Niall running down stairs. I guess he could smell the food. We got downstairs and and Niall was already eating and so was all the other boys.

"Sorry 'bout almost trampling you on the stairs but I'm starved I need my food." Niall said to me with his mouth full.

"It's fine." I said giggling. Harry handed Louis and I our food and started laughing uncontrollably.

"What?!?!?!" Louis asked grabbing his food and sitting down. I sat next to him.

"I'm guessing you guys had some fun last night." Harry said then the rest of the boys start laughing hysterically.

"You could of at least waited until you knew I was upstairs." Niall said inbetween laughs and Louis and I blush madly.

"Harder, Louis, harder!" Zayn mimicked.

"ughhh it feels so good." Liam said and the boys laughed even harder.

"I need my own place." Louis said still blushing.

"Or you could save your fun for later." Harry said smirking. I couldn't help but start laughing and neither could Louis. We continued to eat and just talked about the most random stuff ever. I feel like I've known these boys forever when really it's only been about a week. Once we were all done with breakfast we went to go watch the telly. We were all talking again and it was a lot of fun.

"We should go to the mall!" Harry said

"YEAH!" I said

"sounds fun!" Zayn said

"OK!"Niall and Louis said.

"I don't know maybe." Liam said

"Why do you always have to be a party pooper?" Harry asked Liam.

"Well maybe because I wanna be with Dana!" Liam said back to Harry sticking his tongue. It was hilarious because they were acting like little kids.

"OHHHHHH well then, I see how it is. Maybe you should invite her." Harry said

"She's at practice right now." Liam said

"Well then how were you going to spend time with her? And what practice?"

"She's a gymnast training for the 2012 Olympics. And I don't know go watch her."

"Ok then go we'll have fun." Harry said. by now everyone was laughing because of the way they were acting.

"I was planning on it." Liam said and we all got ready to go to the mall besides Liam.


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