Don't Forget Me

Halley is moving to Doncaster, England on account of her Dad being transferred through work. Crazy how it's the hometown of one of her idols, Louis Tomlinson. She absolutely adored One direction but she thought meeting them or even being near them was just a fantasy that would never come true. So when she finds out they're moving to Doncaster Halley is nothing but shocked. What happens when she finds out she's living right next door to the Tomlinson's? Will she get to meet Louis? But what happens when they finally get together but have to split up because of a difficult relationship? Will Louis admit his true feelings or let her be happy without him?


35. Chapter 35

Louis' POV


I was slightly taken aback when Halley kissed me but I quickly recovered and kissed back. The kiss turned passionate and I honestly missed her lips on mine. It felt so right, like this is who I need to be with. Past girlfriends, I've always wanted. Halley, I needed. I never hurt as bad as I did when Halley and I weren't together. 

"Louis, I need to tell you something.." She said when we finally broke the kiss. She sounded worried; like she wasn't quite sure if she wanted to tell me.

"Okay." I replied. I tried to sound confident but it kind of sounded like I wasn't so sure if I wanted to hear this, which isn't a lie. The way she said it made me nervous. It could be anything like she is going to move back with her parents or she is now going to uni or anything. One possibility that really made me nervous was, he might have gotten her pregnant. I swear to God if he knocked her up I will kill him. I'm not even lying, I already want to.

"Well, I never stopped loving you either. I only broke up with you because it was so hard for me and I didn't think it would work out. I was so afraid of all the girls that would throw themselves at you that you might find someone better than me. I thought that you could easily get anyone you want so after awhile of being on tour, you would get tired of me and you wouldn't love me anymore." Halley spoke, starting to get tears in her eyes but quickly wiping them away. We were now sitting up on the bed and I was holding her tightly against my body. She took one last deep breathe before continuing.

"Anyways, after I broke up with you I thought I needed to get away from any reminders of you so, I convinced my mom and dad to let me move into my own flat here, in London. I was staying in a hotel the first week looking for flats. I wanted to get away right away so I didn't even bother looking for flats before I moved, I just moved. Well one night I went out. I was walking back home from dinner when I walked past this club and of course, everyone was drunk out of their minds but one guy stopped me and took me into an alley." She started sobbing again and I was trying my best to comfort her but honestly, I was scared for what was coming next. Things like these never end well, never.

"Louis, h-he raped me. He raped me and then left me in the middle of the alley, late at night and all alone. I was in so much pain, I thought that I would be left there for weeks before I could finally move but by then I would have been dead." Halley took deep breaths. "Keegan was the one who saved me, he found me and took me to his house. I ended up getting pregnant and he let me stay with him until I found a flat. I got really close to him and he promised to help me with the baby. I fell right under his spell. I got a place but I still was really close with him. I didn't want to get an abortion because I could never do that, no matter who got me pregnant but I had a miscarriage. I was devastated and he was there to help me. I guess he was just there at the right time. I don't know if I was actually in love with him or I was just so under the spell that I did love him because of the comfort he was giving me. Either way he was helping me through the situation and it was helping forget about you. He was my rebound. After about a month of being with him, I found out his job. He was a street fighter and he had major anger issues. Once I found that out, I was afraid of him and he could tell, that's when he got mad and that's when he got abusive towards me. He never hit me until yesterday, though. But Louis, I still love you too. I always have." Halley finished and we were now both in tears. I couldn't help but feel slightly responsible for this, I mean he was her rebound from me.

"Halley, I'm so sorry! I knew I should have fought for you! I knew it! The lads bugged me for days to get you back but I told them you needed to be happy. We all loved you, Halley and we all still do." I cried.

"I wish I would've had the courage to break up with him as soon as I found out. I was scared though and I felt slightly pressured to stay with him."

"It's not your fault, Hal. You did nothing wrong." 


Halley and I spent the whole day in just talking and catching up some more. I now felt like I haven't missed a thing in her life. I just wish it was that way; that I didn't miss anything. 

I ordered Chinese food for us and we were now just waiting for it to arrive.

"Where's the rest of the boys?" Halley asked. She was sitting next to me on the couch, close enough that our arms were touching.

"Harry, Liam and Zayn are still in LA and Niall's back home in Ireland." I told her and she nodded. I was watching the telly on a low volume so we could still have conversation. I noticed Halley was looking at me but I didn't want to embarrass her by calling her out on it so I let it slide.

"What's this tattoo represent?" She asked pointing at my rope tattoo on my wrist. I smiled and turned to her more.

"I actually got it because of you. On the outside of my wrist is a knot, showing that on the outside I'm strong but on the inside of my wrist the rope is broken, showing that on the inside I'm weak or broken. I was trying to be strong on the outside for the fans but on the inside, I was so broken because I couldn't have you anymore; you weren't mine." I explained. She looked at me with guilt in her eyes. I brought her in for a hug and kissed the top of her head.

"It's alright, Hal, at least I've got you back as a friend now. I would love to back to the old times again, where we were dating but you just got out of a relationship so I won't pressure you now by asking you. I'll give you time." 

"Lou.." Halley said looking up at me. Her eyes showed a mixture of sorrow and something that I couldn't quite tell.


"I want to go back to old times too. I don't want to wait."


I love you all sooo much! Thank you for encouraging me! I'll try to do a surprise update this week but I'm not sure so no promises. Remember to favorite, like and comment!)

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