Don't Forget Me

Halley is moving to Doncaster, England on account of her Dad being transferred through work. Crazy how it's the hometown of one of her idols, Louis Tomlinson. She absolutely adored One direction but she thought meeting them or even being near them was just a fantasy that would never come true. So when she finds out they're moving to Doncaster Halley is nothing but shocked. What happens when she finds out she's living right next door to the Tomlinson's? Will she get to meet Louis? But what happens when they finally get together but have to split up because of a difficult relationship? Will Louis admit his true feelings or let her be happy without him?


33. Chapter 33

When I got in bed I was so tired yet, I could not sleep. I was just laying there in bed thinking of anything and everything just to try to keep my mind off of the events that happened today. I tried to convince myself that it would all be okay now, that I was safe and he wouldn't hurt me anymore but, I know him, he's going to come after me until he gets what he wants. I tried to tell myself that he couldn't find me here and that I'd be hidden this is like a horror movie come to life and those things scare the shit out of me.

As I was thinking about all these things, I barely noticed when I fell asleep. Dreams flowing through me. I never had just one dream at night, it'd always be two or three but when I had one dream, it was always a nightmare, always and tonight was one of those nights.


Louis' POV


I was laying in bed watching the telly quietly so I wouldn't wake up Halley. I couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't believe what happened to the girl I loved and I wasn't there to help her until the damage was done. I still have very strong feelings for Halley and I will never let them go. She may not love me anymore but I love her and I will do everything I can to make her change her mind.

My thoughts drifted to Keegan when I heard screams.



I jumped out of bed and sprinted down the hall to where Halley's room was. I saw her tossing and turning in bed still screaming. I ran over to her and tried to shake her awake. She didn't wake at first but I kept shaking her vigorously and she shot up panting and tears streaming down her face. When she realized what was going on she started sobbing and leaned into my chest. I held her close rubbing her back and playing with her hair trying to calm her. I would occasionally whisper soothing words to her so she would stop crying, also. Halley eventually stopped and I lay her back down and got up to go back to my room.

"Louis wait!" Halley called to me as I was leaving.

"Yes, love?"

"Will you stay with me tonight?" She asked quietly and I smiled and nodded. I got into bed with her and held her close to me making her feel safer. When I thought that she was asleep I kissed the top of her head that was on my chest. "I love you, Halley. I never stopped." I whispered and finally let sleep take over me.


Sorry for the short chapter but I have some things to tell you guys!

Okay so as some of you may have noticed I am editing the story! I honestly feel like most of these chapters are just awful. I am also now posting this story on wattpad with the all the edited chapters. If you want to read it on there also or you want to support it *hint hint*, I have the same username on there as on here and it's called the same thing. I would also like to say that I have already moved into my college dorm and will be starting classes really soon so I am making a schedule for when I post so that way you aren't just waiting and waiting for me to post, you'll know when it's coming. I will be posting for sure on Saturday's and Sunday's. I may do surprise posts throughout the week depending on how much work I have to do. Sometimes I might be able to posts on Fridays but that won't be until later in the year. Thank you so much for reading! Please follow my instagram- @harryswaq ! I love you all!)

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