Don't Forget Me

Halley is moving to Doncaster, England on account of her Dad being transferred through work. Crazy how it's the hometown of one of her idols, Louis Tomlinson. She absolutely adored One direction but she thought meeting them or even being near them was just a fantasy that would never come true. So when she finds out they're moving to Doncaster Halley is nothing but shocked. What happens when she finds out she's living right next door to the Tomlinson's? Will she get to meet Louis? But what happens when they finally get together but have to split up because of a difficult relationship? Will Louis admit his true feelings or let her be happy without him?


3. Chapter 3

The Next Morning

It was about 9am and the alarm that I set last night went off. That means its time for some shopping! I quickly got up and got ready. I put on skinny jeans a purple Jack Wills sweatshirt and my black vans. I put mascara and some light purple eyeshadow on and threw my hair up in a messy bun. I got my wallet and my iPhone and went downstairs. I hated purses, they just bothered me so I always just had my wallet. I left a sticky note and grabbed a granola bar before I left. I didn't tell anyone I was leaving because then of course mom and Mia would want to come and that would just be awful.

When I got to the mall I was lucky there was barley anyone there. I hated shopping when there was like millions and billions of people there. I guess Doncaster isn't a big town either. I went inside and saw a Hollister and went straight for it. Holister was probably the perfect store for the kind of outfit I would need tonight. I went inside and looked around. I spent about an hour in the store and got three things. A blouse, jeans, and a skirt. After I payed at Holister I was just roaming around the mall looking around to see what they have here. I was surprised when they had most of the same stores as the ones in America. When I was about to leave the mall my phone started ringing. It was mom. Ah shit. I was talking to her on and on about where I was and why I got up so early blah blah blah. When she hung up I was putting my phone into my back pocket and accidentally ran into someone.

 Oh lard. It was Louis. Well this will be interesting. At least now I don't have to worry about freaking out at dinner! Oh man he was even hotter in person. Ugh why does he have to be so dreamy. I need to call my friends and tell them about this my god they're going to freak. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw him just staring at me. I realized he was probably talking to me and I just looked like an idiot sitting on the ground. 

"I'm sorry what did you say?" I asked clearly embarrassed.

" I asked if you were alright you took a pretty hard fall." He chuckled and I just blushed.

"Oh umm y-yeah I'm fine!" I said trying to make it believable but im not even sure if I believed it myself. My ass hurt pretty bad.

"Here let me help you!" he said getting all my bags while was still just sitting there. STUPID! What are you doing help yourself up and get your bags.

"I'm sorry" I said while FINALLY helping him. I stood up and grunted. I just blushed even more not meaning to do that. I'll probably have a bruise on my butt in the morning. 

"No, no it's my fault" he was staring at  me with those beautiful eyes and I couldn't help but stare back and give a shy smile.

"No need to take the blame, I wasn't paying attention when I was putting my phone away." I said still staring.

"Okay this will go on forever lets just say it was no ones fault we just umm.. ran into each other some.. how?" He stated although it sounded more like a question. He just chuckled and I couldn't help but giggled.

"Okay well, thanks for helping me with my bags." I say finally holding all my bags again.

"no problem, love" 

"oh and I almost forgot! I just moved next door to your family! I will see you at dinner!"

"Okay yeah, I believe my mum mentioned that... I'm sorry what's your name? I should've asked earlier." he said blushing. I smiled.

"It's fine! I'm Halley!"

"It's nice meeting you Halley! Can I show you around the mall a bit?"

" That sounds nice!" I said even though I've already seen the whole mall.

We walked and talked for what seemed like forever and cracked the occasional jokes making each other laugh. We had the same playfull personality and it just made us get along even better.

When we finished walking around the mall I figured I had to go since mom already called and told me to get home imediatly. Yeah, that was about an hour ago.

"I'm sorry but I have to go my mom wanted me home awhile ago." I said disapointed. I really like talking to Louis.

"It's fine. I'll see you tonight then?"

"yeah! See you then!" I said sounding more excited. I almost forgot about dinner. We started walking out of the mall and it was raining.

"Welcome to England!" Louis said chuckling.

"shit" I muttered under my breath

"what is it?" Louis asked clearly hearing me, though I intended him not to.

"Well as you can see, it's raining and I kinda walked here. I just got here yesterday so I don't have my license yet."

"I can drive you! After all you live right next door to my place."

"Seriously?!?! I mean you don't have to it's just a mile away." I said but hoping he would still want to drive me because I was not in the mood  to walk home in the rain AND be even later.

"Yeah it's no problem!"

"Okay, thanks!"


He pulled up in my driveway and stopped the car.

"Hey Halley? Can I have your number so we can talk again?" Louis asked. Okay that's cool. Some famous guy who I love wants my number. OH god.

"Of course!" I said calmly and gave him my number. After that I said bye and walked up to my door dreading the moment I would walk in.



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