Don't Forget Me

Halley is moving to Doncaster, England on account of her Dad being transferred through work. Crazy how it's the hometown of one of her idols, Louis Tomlinson. She absolutely adored One direction but she thought meeting them or even being near them was just a fantasy that would never come true. So when she finds out they're moving to Doncaster Halley is nothing but shocked. What happens when she finds out she's living right next door to the Tomlinson's? Will she get to meet Louis? But what happens when they finally get together but have to split up because of a difficult relationship? Will Louis admit his true feelings or let her be happy without him?


19. A Night to Remember

A/N- WARNING- chapter not for anyone under 13. It's not an extremely important chapter so you can skip it if you want. Oh ya and this is random but I was reading a 1D magazine the other day and they were talking about Harry and said Harry was short for Henry and that made me just die of laughter. It's Harold not Henry... Sometimes people are so stupid, but it was HILARIOUS!

Louis' P.O.V.

When Liam left we decided to call for pizza since we weren't actually going with him. After about 15 min after Liam left Harry texted him and said that Hal and I didn't feel to well, which was a lie.  He luckily didn't insist on coming home to help so now we had to wait. We were all super anxious for him to come home. It was taking them so long. It was a good thing but I am so excited I think I might burst. Halley and I went upstairs to watch a movie but kept them volume low so we could hear when Liam came home. The movie was just about over when we heard the front door close. I quickly paused the movie and Halley and I sprinted downstairs. The lads and I about attacked Liam and he was just standing there clueless.

"So how was your date?" Harry asked

"Did you ask her to be your girlfriend?" Niall asked

"Are you going on another date anytime soon?" Zayn asked

"Did you kiss her?" Halley asked

"You were gone awhile... did you use protection?" I asked smirking

"Guys calm down... I thought you and Halley felt sick.." Liam said to me confused.

"Oh ya..*cough cough* um we are *cough cough*" I said trying my hardest to do a good cough

"Yeah *sniffle* we are just um not as bad *cough*" Halley says only her cough sounds better than mine because it's partially real.

"Yeah... Ok... I believe you" He said sarcastically.

"So are you going to answer our questions?!?!?!" Harry asked sounding impatient

"fine... it was a good date.. Yes I asked her to be my girlfriend... I'm not sure.. and sort of? And Louis we did not have sex!"

"Are you sure or is the little Liam embarrassed?" I say nudging him playfully

"I'm sure Louis we went to dinner and that's it."

"What do you mean by you sort of kissed her?" Zayn asked

"Oh well it wasn't on the lips." Liam said


"NO Louis I kissed her head."

"oh.." I say. The boys all go over to the couch and ask for every detail.

"Do you want to go finish our movie?" I ask Halley

"yeah!" She says and I tell the boys we are going up to finish the movie then go to bed. We walk upstairs and get in bed. I lay down and she snuggles up to me. She was so beautiful she turned me on. When the movie was over I turn the telly off and look over at Halley and she was looking up at me. Her eyes were so beautiful. I started to lean in and she did too. We kissed and it got passionate but we were interrupted by a knock at the door. I quickly got up and opened the door. It was Niall.

"I'm going to the store, I'm starving do you want anything?" He asked

"No, Halley do you want anything?" I asked her and she got up and walked over to us.

"Where at?" She asked

"The grocery store." Niall said

"No I'm fine." She said


"Thanks for asking mate." I say

"No problem" He says and leaves. I close the door and lock it. I turn to Halley and start to lean in again.

"Now where were we?" I ask

"hmm I think we were having some fun!" She says

"I think you're right!" I say and start to kiss her again. My hands slowly go up her shirt. Hers do the same with mine and she takes mine off. I take her jumper off, then her shirt and start kissing down her neck. She tugs at my pants and I help her and take them off so I'm just in my briefs. I take her pants then underwear off and lay her on the bed. She takes off her bra and I take off my briefs. We tease each other for awhile then we get into action. I start slowly then get faster. After we had our fun we lay in bed and just snuggle up and slowly fall asleep.

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