Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story)

Bree Sommers, a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia, a part-time sales person at her favourite fashion store, Pixal and is also studying to be a music teacher. The one thing she loves in her life (apart from her family and friends) is the British boy band, One Direction. She became a fan back when the boys auditioned for X Factor UK 2010 and since then, she’s been following the boy’s journey through news, videos and tweets on Twitter. One day, her life turns around when she meets her “future husband”, Harry Styles in Trint High School. However, another One Direction band mate has the hots for Bree too! But, who is it and what will he do to destroy the relationship she already has? Who will Bree choose?

Author's Note: There will be cliffhangers, unexpected people (ex, lover, secrets). Chapter 12 and onwards, there are some serious consequences to fall. The good, bad and the bloody will leave you speechless.


12. Valentine's Day






I’m sitting in the lounge room watching X Factor AU. It was down to Chelsea Adams and Bree Sommers. I’m so happy that Bree had made it this far in the competition. Naill and Zayn are sitting on the couch as well. Niall eating Nando’s and Zayn’s trying to not fall asleep. Louis and Harry are in their rooms.


A commercial took place and I left the lounge room and decided to talk to Harry. I entered Harry’s room. He is looking at a picture of Bree and him. His face wasn’t happy. He was sad. Sad that he misses her so much and has to be away from her for months at a time. But, behind the pain, I could see there was a far darker side of him. “Harry, you alright mate?” I asked. Harry continued to look at the photo. Then, he turned to look at me. “Mate, I did something and I regret it with every bone in my body” he said with tears in his eyes. I closed the door behind me and sat next to him. “What’d you do mate? Is it that bad?” I asked. Harry nodded, wiping the tears off his face. “Mate, you can tell me. Whatever it is, it can’t be as bad as you think” I said. “I had an affair with Bree’s school enemy, Chelsea and she is also two months pregnant!” he said. I just sat there, frozen. My expression was a mix of anger and sadness. But, my emotions changed to more anger and a slight happiness. “When did this happen?” I asked. “When we were on a break before we went to tour” he said. “Does Bree know about this?” I asked, curiously. “No and any minute, she’ll know and never want to be with me ever again!” he said.


I stood up and opened the door. “Don’t tell her and the others. If you do, I’ll never be able to forgive myself” Harry said. I looked back at him and left. I had to tell Bree. She has the right to know. What Harry did was betraying the one he loves. The one he calls ‘The One’. Bree doesn’t deserve this.




All of us were backstage waiting for the big announcement on who would win X Factor. The boys and I were eagerly excited and anxious to find out. After performing "One Way Or Another" on stage, we were heading off home to watch the rest. I think all of us just bolted home to find out. However, wasn't planned that way. Harry, Louis, Niall and Zayn were in their rooms, asleep. Those cheeky guys Liam thought. Liam turned on the television and changed the channel to watch the rest of X Factor by himself.


Chelsea wore a long gold sequin dress and matching heels. She wore gold earrings, a ruby necklace and silver bangles. Her hair was curled in a bun and her make-up looked caked. Bree wore a black and yellow leopard print cocktail dress with black heels. She wore a silver statement necklace and silver bangles with sapphire jewels. Her hair was straightened and was parted in a French Braid. Her make-up was simple and flawless. Chelsea sung ‘Diamonds’ by Rihanna and Bree sung ‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift in an acoustic. The time to announce the winner was near.


“The winner of this year’s X Factor AU 2012 is …” Ruben Cosgrove said. The audience were waiting. “Bree Sommers”. The crowd cheered. Bree gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Chelsea stood there with anger in her eyes. She was fuming with anger and madness. She flipped the bird behind Bree’s back and called her horrible names. The audience gasped, began whispering, some were laughing and telling her she’s been caught in the most embarrassing way possible. She didn’t even know she was caught on camera! Chelsea then saw she was caught on camera, fixed herself up and spoke to the camera in a friendly voice, “Hey everyone, Chelsea here”. The audience ‘booed’ at her and she ran off the stage which she didn’t get very far because she then fell over. Her dress ripped above her knees, her hair messed up and her make-up looking like a clown. The audience were laughing and yelling out “Wannabe” at her. “My life is over!” Chelsea screamed. She then crawled backstage in tears.  Bree turned and tried not to laugh after seeing what had just happened. She turned back and smiled to see Ruben. “Congratulations Bree” Ruben said as the audience cheered and clapped. “Thank you so much everyone” she said. “The winner of X Factor AU 2012, you’ve voted Australia. Your winning single ‘Safe and Sound’ is now trending worldwide and is now available on iTunes now. Is there anything you want to say before you sing your debut single?” Ruben asked. “Yes, I just want to thank all the people who have voted and have supported me through the competition. I would also like to thank my family and my hometown. Without your support and determination for me to become who I am today. Also, to the amazing great guys from One Direction who have supported through the good and the bad times, thank you so much!”


Backstage, Chelsea went into a fit of rage and began tearing the set apart. Security team had to haul her away from the expensive set props and electronic computers and stations. “I may have not won X Factor, but I do have one thing that Bree does not have” she yelled out and turned her attention to Bree. Her eyes were filled with rage, hunger was building up in her breathing. All she wanted to do was to tear Bree apart and strip off her X Factor winning contract. Chelsea walked up to Bree and said “I have your boyfriend’s baby!” A sneaky paparazzi overheard the astonishing news and quickly wrote down what he had heard and left as quickly as he could. “What?!?!” was all Bree could say. “Yeah, that’s right, I have his unborn baby in my belly right now Brace Face! Told you I’d get your man. He’s too easy for you!” Chelsea blasted. Chelsea began to act all sympathetic. “Aww, didn’t Harry tell you he and I have been together for a while? Did he tell you about the time we were watching the sunset and kissed? Did he tell you he never wanted to be with you again?” “Don’t patronize me, Chelsea. You’re a manipulative person and don’t you EVER talk about Harry like that” Bree responded. Chelsea smirked and strutted herself away from the set leaving Bree confused.


Bree quickly phoned Harry but before she could finish typing his number, she receives a call from Liam. She answers.


Bree: Liam, I need to speak to Harry.


Liam: Princess Bear, you need to know something.


Bree: Is it about his affair with Chelsea?


Liam: Yes, wait, how did you know?


Bree: Chelsea. When she didn’t win, backstage she blasted at me and just said it out loud. Is it true?


Liam: Yes, it’s true. I told Harry to tell you himself but he was too scared you’d leave him for what he had done.


Bree: Sorry Liam, I just … I’m really confused to why he would do it. He knows Chelsea is the meanest girl in school. Why did he do it?


There was a long pause. Then, Liam answered with the biggest complication.


Liam: He secretly likes Chelsea and he was also using you the entire time you two were together!



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