Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story)

Bree Sommers, a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia, a part-time sales person at her favourite fashion store, Pixal and is also studying to be a music teacher. The one thing she loves in her life (apart from her family and friends) is the British boy band, One Direction. She became a fan back when the boys auditioned for X Factor UK 2010 and since then, she’s been following the boy’s journey through news, videos and tweets on Twitter. One day, her life turns around when she meets her “future husband”, Harry Styles in Trint High School. However, another One Direction band mate has the hots for Bree too! But, who is it and what will he do to destroy the relationship she already has? Who will Bree choose?

Author's Note: There will be cliffhangers, unexpected people (ex, lover, secrets). Chapter 12 and onwards, there are some serious consequences to fall. The good, bad and the bloody will leave you speechless.


2. The Beginning till the End


A month later …

Bree, Stacy and Justice are in Music class. Mrs Parkenson handed out lyrics to the song ‘Nothing On You’ by Bruno Mars and B.O.B. Mrs Parkenson is a fun teacher. She’s not like the rest of the teachers who like to be harsh. Instead, she is a free-spirited, loving teacher. “I’ll be assigning each of you a few lines of the song for you to sing. So, each of you are going to come up and stand in front of the class to sing a song of your choice. This will determine which part of the song you get to have when we put this all together”. The class cheered. “I cannot wait to hear which part I get when I sing in front of the class” Stacy said. “Me too! But I don’t know if I’m, good at singing” Justice said. “Don’t let yourself down, Justice. We’re here for you” Bree said with a smile. “Besides, I don’t know if I could sing too. So, you’re not the only one” Stacy said. Justice smiled a bit. “We both know who will get the part of the song” Stacy said. Stacy and Justice looked at Bree with a smile. “Girls, just because I have more experience doesn’t mean I’ll get the part. I mean, there’s no guarantee I’ll get the part” Bree said. “So, you’re not worried about someone else getting the part?” Stacy said. “No, I’m a generous person and I’m not a snob to get the part” Bree said.


After a few students stood up and sung a song of their choice, it was Stacy’s turn. Stacy stood in front of the class holding a microphone. “What song would you like to sing?” Mrs Parkenson asked. “’In Your Arms’ by Kina Grannis” Stacy said. Stacy is a fan of Kina Grannis. She’s been watching her videos for a long time. Stacy began singing. Her singing was sweet, innocent and fun. The class clapped as Stacy placed the microphone down on the table, walked off and sat down next to Justice. “That was amazing” Justice said. “You sang very well” Bree said. “Very well done, Stacy. Next is … Justice” Mrs Parkenson said. The class were like laughing at her. Justice stood up and stood in front of the class. She ignored the commotion around her. “What song would you like to sing?” Mrs Parkenson asked. “’Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne” Justice said. Avril Lavigne is her favourite punk chick. Justice dances to her songs. Her singing was fierce and powerful. When she had finished, the class applaud with excitement; with cheering and whistling involved. Justice smiled, placed the microphone down and walked off to sit with Stacy and Bree.


“Oh My God, Justice. You were amazing!” Stacy said. “Next time, we should video tape you singing and replay it back for you to hear” Bree said. “That would be really nice” Justice said. “Last but not least … Bree” Mrs Parkenson said. Bree stood up and stood in front of the class holding the microphone. “What song would you like to sing?” Mrs Parkenson asked. “’Turn My Swag On’ by Keri Hilson” Bree said. Her singing was focused, smooth and inspiring. The class clapped cheerfully. Bree placed the microphone down, walked off and sat down next to her friends. “You’re gonna get the best part of the song, Bree” Justice said. “I agree” Stacy said. “Girls, remember there’s no guarantee about it” Bree said. “Class, tomorrow I’ll be assigning to your parts. Have a good day” Mrs Parkenson said. The bell rang and a bunch of students pushed through the door. The three girls stood behind and watched with their bags packed. “Same old, same old thing” Justice said. “That’s true” Stacy said. “This is going to be a long afternoon” Bree said.


Harry was on his laptop and sent an email to the school principal, Mrs Blackson about going on tour for a couple of months so he asked if he could study online. An hour later, while Harry was eating a sandwich, he received a reply from the principal saying that he can study online and wished him the best of luck and to have fun. He then sent an email to Bree, his girlfriend of three months. The love they share has grown stronger than before. Sure, Bree does get a lot of hate comments and tweets sent to her but she ignores all that and sticks to the positives. She knows her followers 'BreeFans' are sticking up for her.


Harry: Hey baby. I've really missed you. Being on the road is tough without you.


A few minutes later, she received a reply.


Bree: Hey baby. I've missed you too! I'm sorry about that. I've been receiving so much hate through Twitter and my email inbox is quiet full because of it so, it's hard to find your email.


Harry: I'm sorry that you had to put up with it. When the tour's over, I'll be there by your side and spend some quality time with you.


Bree: That would be good. And, it's okay. When you date a superstar who is in a boy band, the fans would send hate stuff to the girls.


Harry: I love you Bree.


Bree: I love you too, Harry.


Harry: I have to go now. The concert is about to begin. I'll video chat you tomorrow.


Bree: Have fun, baby. That would be good.


Harry: Bye, baby.


Bree: Bye, baby.




Bree was in her room and she was looking for her hairbrush. "I really gotta start organising" she said. When she had found her hairbrush, she tied her hair into a ponytail. She then put on a pink bow clip on the left side of her head. She was wearing her casual outfit which are a cream coloured t-shirt with the words 'BonBon' printed on the front, a long, black cardigan, black skinny jeans and chocolate brown peep toe heels. She picked up her bag and went to the bus stop to go to work.

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