Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story)

Bree Sommers, a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia, a part-time sales person at her favourite fashion store, Pixal and is also studying to be a music teacher. The one thing she loves in her life (apart from her family and friends) is the British boy band, One Direction. She became a fan back when the boys auditioned for X Factor UK 2010 and since then, she’s been following the boy’s journey through news, videos and tweets on Twitter. One day, her life turns around when she meets her “future husband”, Harry Styles in Trint High School. However, another One Direction band mate has the hots for Bree too! But, who is it and what will he do to destroy the relationship she already has? Who will Bree choose?

Author's Note: There will be cliffhangers, unexpected people (ex, lover, secrets). Chapter 12 and onwards, there are some serious consequences to fall. The good, bad and the bloody will leave you speechless.


3. Surprise in Store


Bree was working late at the Pixal store. The Pixal store is a fashion store. Filled with the latest trends for each season. They also do parties, festivals, competitions and celebrity arrivals. It was every girl’s dream to work at Pixal and Bree got the job when the boss, Bianca Hollet said that Bree has potential and her resume was accepted. After working at Pixal for a year, Bree still likes her job. Working late hours meant an extra pay check – which was what she needed for in her university box. The university box is a box with money for the payment to get into university. She’s been saving the money after two months of working at Pixal. This month’s trend is Big Night Out Festival so there are t-shirts, jeans, jackets, knitwear, hats, accessories, etc about the Big Night Out Festival. As Bree was storing unwanted clothes back in their original racks, a couple of people from her school; who are a year above her came into the store.


Bree turned and saw there were Jackson Black, Ronnie Jackie, Maggie Jones, Henrie Brenan and Chelsea Adams. Jackson and Henrie are the jocks in the school football team. The team’s name is the Tigers. They like to flirt with girls and have one-on-one dates with them. Most girls at school say Jackson is more handsome than Henri while Henri is more athletic than Jackson. They made a pact saying they wouldn’t be with just one girl. Chelsea, Maggie and Ronnie are the most popular girls in school. Chelsea is the girl with long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, Carrie Underwood like lips and she was a petite girl. She loves the colour pink and believes the rest of the girls around her (excluding Ronnie and Maggie) are pathetic, worthless and don’t deserve a life. Maggie is the one with the brains. She has chocolate brown shoulder-length hair, green eyes, Kim Kardashian lips and an athletic figure. She’s really good at Maths, Science, History, Geography, Technology and English. Maggie likes the colour purple and loves Mexican food. Ronnie is the nice one. Ronnie has long blonde hair with bangs and pink and green dye on the tip of her hair, blue eyes, Dakota Fanning like lips and has an hourglass figure. Ronnie likes music, dancing and making origami. Because of Chelsea’s demands of telling her to stop being nice, Ronnie has stuck to her family’s gypsy roots and made sure she was only nice when she’s alone.


They saw Bree stacking clothes on shelves. “If it isn’t ‘Brace Face’” Chelsea said. The group laughed at her, snatched a rack of clothes and dumped them onto the floor. "Oops! My bad ... NOT!" Chelsea said, sarcastically. The group left the store while they were cheering for Chelsea. Bree rolled her eyes. Two years ago, Bree had braces. She was called ‘Brace Face’ for the whole year. She ignored the bullying around her. She was happy enough to get them off a year later and was no longer called ‘Brace Face’; except for the popular group who continue to call her the name. Bree placed the pile of clothes she was holding on the table and picked up the clothes from the floor. She hung the clothes back on the rack where they belonged. Someone was behind her. The stranger wrapped their arms around her waist. Bree saw the shadow of the stranger. She turned around and saw it was Harry. “Harry” Bree said, gleefully. “Bree” Harry said. The two embraced in a hug. “Aren’t you supposed to be on tour still?” Bree asked, curiously. “No, we have a two month break before we go back on tour. I’ll be here for a month before I go back to the UK. Time to spend some quality time with my girl” Harry said. Bree blushed like a red tomato. The two shared a kiss.

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