Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story)

Bree Sommers, a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia, a part-time sales person at her favourite fashion store, Pixal and is also studying to be a music teacher. The one thing she loves in her life (apart from her family and friends) is the British boy band, One Direction. She became a fan back when the boys auditioned for X Factor UK 2010 and since then, she’s been following the boy’s journey through news, videos and tweets on Twitter. One day, her life turns around when she meets her “future husband”, Harry Styles in Trint High School. However, another One Direction band mate has the hots for Bree too! But, who is it and what will he do to destroy the relationship she already has? Who will Bree choose?

Author's Note: There will be cliffhangers, unexpected people (ex, lover, secrets). Chapter 12 and onwards, there are some serious consequences to fall. The good, bad and the bloody will leave you speechless.


7. More Than This


The contestants had a little party that night. She sat down on a chair near the kitchen and placed the paper plate on the bench top. Holding the can of Coca Cola in one hand, she began munching on some food with a plastic fork. She was eating some Chinese Takeaway. Her favourite Chinese Takeaway food was the Lemon Chicken and the Prawn Crackers. She watched the others dancing and talking. On the inside, she felt her audition had paid off but on the outside, she was sad to be away from Harry. In deep thought, she was interrupted by someone. “Hello there” a guy said, cheerfully. Bree looked up to see a guy sitting next to her. He had short blonde hair, glittering blue eyes and his chest what looked like to be a six-pack. ‘Half-naked guy sitting next to me …’ Bree thought. “My name is James” he said, offering his hand to her. Bree smiled and said, “I’m Bree”. She shakes James’ hand in return. “How you doing?” James asked while nodding his head. “Good” Bree said, curiously. “Did you know you are beautiful?” James asked, mysteriously. “I’ve been told I am” Bree said, taking a sip of her drink. “Well, you are beautiful” James said, sitting closer to Bree. “Yeah, she is” Harry said firmly, pushing through to get to Bree. “Harry, what are you doing here?” Bree said in surprise. “I’m here to see my beautiful girlfriend of course” Harry said, turning his head to see her.


Bree blushed then Harry turned his attention to James. The crowd around them didn’t pay any attention because the music blasting through the speakers. “Leave. My. Girlfriend. Alone. And. Don’t. EVER. Flirt. With. Her. AGAIN!” Harry said. This left James nodding in silence. James looked at Bree and left. Bree felt humiliated. “Why did you do that?” Bree asked. “I was protecting …” but Bree cut him off. “I know you were. But I was fine. I knew he was gonna flirt with me anyway. I was gonna turn him down” Bree said. “Oh” was all Harry could say. Bree leaned forward and kissed Harry on the lips. Harry smiled and kissed Bree back. The two hugged. Harry grabbed a paper plate and scooped up some pasta, prawn crackers, sweet corn and two tacos. He grabbed a bottle of water and a plastic fork. He walked over to Bree and sat down next to her. “Are you just here tonight and off the next morning?” Bree asked, taking a bit of the lemon chicken. “Actually, I’m here till the finals” Harry said. “Really?” Bree asked. “Yeah. With Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam. They’re all gonna be here” Harry said. “That’s cool. But you do know we can’t date when I’m on the X Factor” Bree said. “I know” Harry said, taking a sip from his water bottle.


When the two had finished eating and drinking, they put the rubbish in the bins provided. “It’s nice to see you again, Bree” Harry said, with a smile. “It’s nice to see you too, Harry” Bree said, smiling back. The two held hands while slow dancing to some slow pop music.


“You know, when you were gone last time, I wished I was with you. To be there for you. To comfort you. To be safe with you. But, the world kept us away from each other and I’ve missed that a lot. With so much more to achieve, how are we going to keep our relationship strong when there are nasty rumours about both of us every day?” Bree said. “We can start by ignoring those nasty rumours and they’ll only be confirmed by your and I. And yes, we have been apart for too long. I hope that when I have another long haul holiday break, I’ll be able to spend a lot more time with you and I may even introduce you to my family” Harry said. “I’d like that very much” Bree said, smiling.

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