Bree's Special Encounter (One Direction Love Story)

Bree Sommers, a 17 year old student from Sydney, Australia, a part-time sales person at her favourite fashion store, Pixal and is also studying to be a music teacher. The one thing she loves in her life (apart from her family and friends) is the British boy band, One Direction. She became a fan back when the boys auditioned for X Factor UK 2010 and since then, she’s been following the boy’s journey through news, videos and tweets on Twitter. One day, her life turns around when she meets her “future husband”, Harry Styles in Trint High School. However, another One Direction band mate has the hots for Bree too! But, who is it and what will he do to destroy the relationship she already has? Who will Bree choose?

Author's Note: There will be cliffhangers, unexpected people (ex, lover, secrets). Chapter 12 and onwards, there are some serious consequences to fall. The good, bad and the bloody will leave you speechless.


13. Little Things Come In Big Packages

Previously on Chapter 12: Valentine's Day:



Bree quickly phoned Harry but before she could finish typing his number, she receives a call from Liam. She answers.


Bree: Liam, I need to speak to Harry.


Receiver: Princess Bear, you need to know something.


Bree: Is it about his affair with Chelsea?


Receiver: Yes, wait, how did you know?


Bree: Chelsea. When she didn’t win, backstage she blasted at me and just said it out loud. Is it true?


Receiver: Yes, it’s true. I told Harry to tell you himself but he was too scared you’d leave him for what he had done.


Bree: Sorry Liam, I just … I’m really confused to why he would do it. He knows Chelsea is the meanest girl in school. Why did he do it?


There was a long pause. Then, Liam answered with the biggest complication.


Receiver: He secretly likes Chelsea and he was also using you the entire time you two were together!



I dropped my mobile phone on the carpet and sat down crying with my hands on my face. I had never felt this stupid in my entire life. It all made sense: Chelsea Adams - the most popular girl in school with her cliques/jocks group who worship her, not to mention the meanest, manipulative girl in the school. Then, there was Harry Styles - "The One" guy Bree thought I would be with for the rest of my life; when I grew up, the one story I could tell to my own daughter. The most memorable story of all. It was a memorable story right! Not ending the call, I took out a pen and found a notebook. I tore out some paper and began writing a letter. Harry needs to know how I feel about him and what this heartbreaking situation did to our relationship. I have a big decision to make: break up with him or be in a relationship with a cheater? It's time for the world to know who Harry Styles really is.



Hearing Bree crying from the phone made me feel sad for her but feeling guilty at the same time. Since I was the one who told her, I'm afraid she'll tell Harry that I was the one who told her; as I'm the only one who knew the affair from Harry himself. I'm concerned about us boys. I mean, Louis and Zayn's girlfriends are amazing but it's complicated. I like Bree, no, I love Bree more than anything in the world. If I tell Harry I have a crush on Bree, he'll think I'm nuts to go for a girl like her.

I want to protect her, hug her, kiss her, love her but not if she's with a cheater. What am I going to do?



After finishing the letter, I folded the paper and placed it inside the envelope and sealed it. I wrote down 'To Harry Styles' and kept the letter safe in my schoolbag. I wiped the tears away and remembered that my phone call with Liam was still on the line. I ended the call and texted Liam.


Bree: Hey, sorry about ending the call just then.


Receiver: Hi Princess Bear, it's okay. I heard you crying. I'm sorry that you had to find out this way.


Bree: No, sooner or later, you or Harry would've told me and it would've been too late. Why did he do this to me? Why did he use me? How did he fall for Chelsea?


Receiver: I don't know. I wish I knew the answers to your confused questions.


There was a long pause. Liam responded.


Receiver: Listen, how about a movie night, just the two of us? Something to lift your spirits up. How about Comedy? Popcorn, pizza, tea, ice-cold drinks?


Bree: I don't know Liam.


Receiver: After what you've been through, you need a friend to keep you company.


Bree: Well, okay. As long as the pizza is meat lovers with extra cheese.


Receiver: Hahaha, deal.


Bree ended the call and took a long, relaxing shower before Liam's arrival.




Knock, knock, knock the door went. Bree went to open the door and sees Liam standing there with pizza and the comedy movie. A massive grin appeared on his face. Bree rolled her eyes and chuckled. "I'm here" he said happily. Bree couldn't help but laugh and Liam went in the house to the living room.




"So, what movie have you picked out without me?" Bree asked. "Zombieland and sorry about that" Liam said, raising the Blu-ray DVD up in the air. "How is it a comedy movie?" Bree asked. "I don't know. I was looking around the 'Comedy' section and saw Zombieland" Liam said. "Okay, you can put the DVD in and I'll get the drinks and popcorn" Bree said. "Right".


Bree started making the popcorn and prepared some drinks such as tea and a big bottle of Pepsi. She took out two cups, two plates and cutlery and placed them on the big coffee table where the sofa was. Liam was in control with the DVD settings and he pressed 'PLAY'. Bree took out the popcorn and poured out the contents into a large bowl. Liam turned down the lights and opened up the pizza box lid - it was Meat Lovers with extra cheese! They each take a piece each and sat back to enjoy the movie.



I'm not really sure why Liam chose this movie and doesn't look like it's comedy either. Oh well. Still, I can't help but wonder if I have a crush on him. I mean, we spend more time with each other than I do with Harry. Harry, the cheating boyfriend of mine. He betrayed me, fooled me and confused me. I hate him with every bone in my body. I can't believe I was stupid enough to fall for his charming ways - without hesitation. *Sighs* I just wish Liam would know how I feel, how I really feel about him instead of me having to pretend that I treat him as a friend. So complicated and worse, Chelsea. Oh how I hate her. She and Harry can be together all they want. I want nothing to do with him. I'm getting off topic. Oh Liam, I wish you could know.



Finally, a movie night with Bree just the two of us. After what she's been through, she needed it. She knows I have a crush on her now I just need to know if she has a crush on me. But, the ways things are right now I don't think I'll be getting my answer 'till Bree's decision is made. I care for Bree more than anything. I love her. I love this girl. Sure, Harry may have gotten to her first but after what he did to her, it can never been forgiven. He just lost the most amazing girl that he calls "The One". After that one stand off kiss, there was a spark between Bree and I. I then knew, we were meant to be. If only she knew the whole story and the rest of my true feelings for her.




Liam turned away from the TV screen and looked at Bree. He saw she was in a long trance and tried to snap her back into reality. "Earth to Bree" Liam said. Nothing happened. "Hello" Liam said, moving his hand in front of her. Still, nothing happened. Liam snapped his fingers. "Bree". Bree broke out and realised she was in a trance. "Are you okay?" Liam asked with a concerned look on his face. "Y-yeah, yeah I'm okay" Bree stuttered. "Are you sure? You were in a long trance before" Liam asked. "Yeah, I'm okay now" Bree said with a half smile. "Is the movie making you feel uncomfortable?" Liam whispered. Bree tensed a bit and Liam noticed. He chuckled, slides his arm around her waist and pulls her closer to him, letting her head rest on his shoulder, still awake watching the movie. He shivered a bit.


The pizza was all gone, half of the Pepsi had finished and the popcorn almost done. Setting the plates, cups and cutlery on the table, Liam stood up, went to the other sofa and picked up the large blanket. Liam slowly and gently lifted Bree up as he spreads the blanket on Bree's lap and joined in with her, his arm around her waist. He pulled her closer to him in a protective manner. Bree rested her head on Liam's shoulder and her hand resting on his arm. This didn't seem to bother him as his smiled to himself.


After the movie finished, Bree was fast asleep so Liam carried her in 'bridal style' to her room. He tucked her in and kissed her on the cheek. He sat down beside her, watching her sleep. He then leaned forward and gently kissing her on the lips. He didn't know if Bree would respond but she did with her arms wrapped around his neck and sat up, her lips still locked with his. He continued kissing her this time passionately. Bree returned the kiss. Bree removed his jacket and dumped it on the ground. "I want you" he said hungrily as he took off his shoes, socks and his tight jeans; only his briefs were on. It seemed Bree didn't hear what he had said but Liam didn't repeat. Liam was looking into her eyes and she saw three things through his eyes: Lust, power and love. She then knew what he had meant. "No" she murmured. Liam nodded. Bree moved the bed sheets next to her and Liam snuggled under the covers with her. With their lips entwined still, the kiss was becoming more passionate than before. Then, Liam pulled away. Liam pulled Bree to him, her back facing to him. His arm around her waist in a protective manner and his head buried near her neck. Liam quickly kissed her neck and cheek before sleeping. Without opening her eyes, Bree smiled.


(Bree's POV)


I love you Liam Payne. If only you knew how much I love you.

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