Soooooo i need links to cute clothes that is in right now EX: Peter pan collar shirts, studs, combat boots, bows (i love bows), im not the thinist girl but im not that fat so clothes that is in style but would look good on a medium sized girl
I like claires duh, Kohls, forever21, etc....

Also i need picture ideas for a picture collage i want to do..you know like vinatge looking stuff. follow my instagram @krystenagram

~Thanks, Krysten


2. One directon

oh i like one direction two sooooo directioners can converse here!!!!!! follow my 3 accounts on instagram @krystenagram and @vintagepicturesandstuff and @Fashion_forall




Check out Lwwy

~Yeaaaa we be doing what we just pretending like we cool and we know it! Yea we be doing like we do and pretendin like we cool so lets go crazy crazy crazy till the sun comes up!

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