Asking for Directions (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Clarisse Evelyn, or Clare, is stricken with a sudden gift! A mishap at her concert venue leaves her at the mercy of 5 boys. She blasts off in a whirlwind adventure with them on tour and discovers things that nobody else knew. But when they all become friends and Clare is given a choice, what will she do, who will she choose- or more importantly, which direction will she take?


3. Chapter 3- Sharing Glances

“What am I going to do while you guys are performing?” The boys were spread out across the room getting ready.

“Maybe you can come and sit next to the stage and watch,” Niall said hopefully.

“Yeah you seem like a pretty cool girl Clare, I could talk to Paul about getting you up right next to the performance,” Louis slung his arm around my shoulder, only to bring a bright smile on my face. I nodded sweetly at him so he smiled and left the room.

“You know... you guys are actually really sweet.” I said while sitting on the armrest of the couch. The boys looked at me and raised an eyebrow.

“What did you expect us to be?” Harry chuckled.

“Different... but you are all so down-to Earth. It’s quite nice actually.”

“So it’s a good thing were not aliens,” Zayn said with his gaze never leaving the mirror as he did some final touch ups on his hair. The door swung open and Louis bounded in playfully.

“Good news Lads, Clare gets to watch really close!” They all exchanged evil glances, which eventually rested on me.

“What? What’s going on?”

“Please, this way madam,” Liam gestured while holding the door open, “We will show you to your seat.” I walked out after Zayn as he led the five of us down the corridor to the stage. Large, black, curtains draped everywhere around us creating walls.

“Come on now; don’t want to miss the show.” Harry popped his head around the side of a curtain and winked at me. Why was I getting butterflies? They may be international pop stars but I was just a semi-normal girl. Peering around the curtain I could hear the screams of fans outside. A video was playing up on a massive screen above the stage. The boys stood next to me; what was I supposed to do?

“Sit here.” Niall whispered in my ear because the sounds of screaming were drowning out any normal conversation. He gestured with his hand to a seat next to where they were standing.

“I’m supposed to sit here?” My eyes bugged out disbelievingly. They wanted me to watch the boys perform- from the stage? This was insane! Before I sat down the boys all ran by and jumped onto the stage excitedly, immediately beginning their first song- Live While Were Young.

Sitting down and watching the boys from the sideline was amazing. The crowd couldn’t see me, but I could stare without them noticing- until they stared back that is. First I caught Harry looking in my direction; I gave a quick smile and wave in which he returned with a smile. Then I caught Niall and Liam doing the exact same thing.

A few times during the concert, One Direction would come off stage to get a quick drink and get microphones fixed. This time before they dispersed back onto the stage they came and said hi to me again in which I returned playful high fives in return. The boys would all just laugh and try to regain their breath before returning to the spotlights.

“I wanna stay up all night until we see the sun!” I sang along the whole time to all of their songs, which gave me a few odd glances from crewmen and the boys were trying not to crack up on stage when they noticed me dancing awkwardly next to the chair.

“Hello. I’m Paul.” I whipped around, a blush quickly crossing my face since he had just witnessed my horrible dance moves.

“Hi Paul, I’m Clare.”

“What do you think of the concert so far?” He said keeping his eyes on the boys where they were performing.

“It’s amazing! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime,” I said gratefully, extending my hand. Paul returned the smile and shook my hand.

“Well the boys seem to be getting along great with you. It’s not often that we find a fan who isn’t screaming every second.” Paul chuckled to himself.

“It was great to meet them; I just can’t believe that it’ll be over soon. I’ve waited 3 years for this concert... and I knew how much more unlikely it was that I would meet them- so thank you again.” Paul just nodded. We both watched the boys sing the last notes of the song, when their eyes met ours. I smiled until Paul and they exchanged a few odd glances and they were off to the next song. I lifted an eyebrow in confusion at the boys’ and Paul’s secret telepathic conversation.

“So,” he broke the silence, “How would you like to join the boys for the rest of the tour?”

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