Asking for Directions (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Clarisse Evelyn, or Clare, is stricken with a sudden gift! A mishap at her concert venue leaves her at the mercy of 5 boys. She blasts off in a whirlwind adventure with them on tour and discovers things that nobody else knew. But when they all become friends and Clare is given a choice, what will she do, who will she choose- or more importantly, which direction will she take?


1. Chapter 1- Lost Causes

Clare’s POV


This was probably one of the greatest moments in my life. I felt my palm sweating, although however unattractive it was. I felt my eyes shifting back and forth between people and places. I knew what I was looking for, just like what every other girl here was looking for- One Direction. Here in Vancouver it was their first gig and I had made sure that I had gotten a ticket; which was very lucky considering none of my school friends had gotten one. Ticketmaster had the tickets online for only 5 minutes before the venue had sold out. I managed to scrounge up one ticket in the plaza. It wasn’t the floor, but i could hardly complain because I would still be seeing them. After waiting a year and a half since the tour announcement I was finally approached the ticket booth where my life wish would be granted.


Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m 18 now, a good age for the boys considering how young some of the other fans are. My name is Clarisse Evelyn, but I prefer Clare. I have naturally wavy brunette hair, and hazel/brown eyes. I have been a One Direction fan since the beginning- and the rest is history. You’ll just have to figure out the rest for yourself.


My ear drums were trying to drown out the thrumming screams from throngs of teenage girls all around me. All of us were the lucky few that had gotten tickets, some had been more fortunate than others as I listened in on the girl ahead of me. “I got floor tickets! Three of them! I just know Harry will notice me in this outfit.” I silently gagged. She wore zebra print leggings above her wedge heels and a long white shirt with the boys faces on them. Whereas for me: I was dressed in my grey ‘LONDON’ shirt and jean shorts with beige sandals. I didn’t care that I dressed differently from everyone else- and I am not just saying that; I literally do dress differently. While everyone else is rocking the skinny jeans, miniskirts, crop tops or small tank tops, I was hanging about in my T-shirts, normal sized tank tops, and boot cut jeans. I didn’t care much and in a way it wasn’t my fault. It was so hard to find clothes to fit my size. No I am not skinny... I am healthy. I have a rather flat stomach which I am grateful for, and nice legs, but my friends all get mad at me because of my boob size of all things. I can’t help it they’re large! I won’t go into detail anyways.


I drowned out the annoying girls in front of me; claiming that they’re the ‘biggest One Direction fans’ on the planet, and advanced my place in line. I handed the scraggly woman at the counter my ticket and she proceeded to rip and pass it back to me. My face flushed a bit as soon as I realized that I was truly going to see them and that I had been passed into the venue. My smile never left my face! This was the moment that every directioner dreamed of.


It was darker on the inside; but only because it had been such a nice, sunny day outside. “Section 112... 113... 114... 115... 116!” I said counting quietly to myself as I strolled around the large arena. This was where the Canucks would play, and I had only been here one but it wasn’t even to see a game. I marched down the steps to gaze out at the floor seats that swarmed the centre of the arena and the large stage to my left. It was sparkling- and I found it hard to believe that in a mere hour it would be twinkling with lights that shine off of the boys faces.


I reached my row and scotched past 5 other girls who had already arrived since the venue was filling up quickly but as I reached seat 14, which was mine, there was already someone sitting in it. My first reaction was confusion but I politely spoke to her, she seemed nice enough. “Excuse me, I think you’re sitting in my seat.” She gave me a weird glance.


“Uhm... no this is my seat.” She said looking at her friend like I was crazy.


“But my ticket says that I am in this seat.” I showed her the hard paper with the numbers printed on it. She looked at it briefly and took out hers. We looked at each other’s- they had the exact same numbers. We exchanged worried glances.


“That’s weird...” she said, “How can we both have the same seat?” I sighed.


“Oh don’t worry, I’ll just go up and ask customer service, they’ll know what to do.” She nodded and sat down again, exchanging more confused glances with her friend. I left them and trotted back down the even busy aisles to the top of the stairs where I immediately saw the white sign for customer services. Nervously walking up to the counter, I felt almost heartbroken. My dream may have been crushed and I was trying not to let it get to me. “Uhm...” I placed my ticket on the counter, “I have the same seat as someone else, and we checked it over- both have the same numbers and everything.” The man at the desk scanned over my ticket.


“Well it’s not a fake... let me call the manager.” I watched my feet sadly as he conversed briefly with another voice on the other line. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but he returned shortly after. “This kind of thing is extremely rare, it’s a booking mishap. Seems the website sold the ticket twice.” He handed me back the piece of paper that once represented my dream come true. He must have noticed my sad look; “Hey I have a daughter too,” he stated, “and I know how sad you must be, but everything is going to be fine. This is Reg.” He indicated to a man that had walked silently up beside me. I looked up at him from my 5’6’’ view. “He’s a security guard.” My heart dropped... they were kicking me out for fraudulence or something I knew it. “Don’t worry you’re not in trouble,” the man continued.”My manager sent him, he’ll show you where to go.” With that I was dismissed; I waved a quick goodbye and thank you to the man and followed Reg past my section. I figured we were going to converse with the other girl in the seat but he led me past it. We continued to trail down the venue and behind into the corridors where less and less people were milling about. His large stature made me grow worried- who knows what lurks back here.


“Excuse me, where are we going?” I said trying not to seem impolite and make him angry.


“Hrmph...” was all that he replied with. I saw us walking towards the security office and my heart stopped. “Stay here, don’t move,” was all he said before disappearing before the solid steel door. He went abruptly inside and I stood outside nervous; I was in so much trouble!

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