Why are you always so angry?

Hi everyone,

this fanfic is about Justin Bieber, yeah, that "hot", "lovely" and "nice" guy, who was born in Ontario, Canada on March 1st 1994, and who has millions and millions of fans called Beliebers around the World.

Well, maybe after that you might be thinking that I'm a crazy fan, but that's a BIG lie. I don't like Justin Bieber, I don't know why, I like his songs and I have a lot of friends who are crazy about him, but I'm not. Probably, now you're like "WTF?! A girl who doesn't like Justin Bieber is going to write a fanfic about him???" Yeah, that's true. A friend mine told me that I couldn't do it because I was not his fan and I'm going to prove that being fan or not I can write a fanfic about him!

So if you're a Justin Bieber fan read that fic, if you're not read it too!

Emily. xx


1. Characters

  Emily - She's 16 years old. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's smart, lovely, friendly and very stubborn. She's very beautiful, but she's all the time saying that she's not. She's from New York City, yeah, she's totally a "city girl". She hates Justin Bieber, for her he's the worst person ever. She likes the songs and all of that, bu she doesn't like him, "He's spoiled, selfish and only cares about fame." that's what she always says. Well, maybe everything changes!!!


  Joanna - She's 16 too. She has straight black hair and brown eyes. She's absolutely CRAZY about Justin, she knows everything about him. I honestly don't know why she's Emily's friend (she's all the time saying that he is ugly). She dreams dating with him one day, will it happen?


(Throughout the story will show more characters will be properly presented.)

hope you like,


Emily. xx

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