Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


8. Where to First


Stephanie's POV

"I honestly cannot believe this is happening!" I exclaimed. "So where to first?" asked Zayn. I thought for a second an then I suggested six flags. "I've always wanted to go there" told Niall. Louis and Liam agreed and we told the limo driver the address. It was almost an hour drive so we had a long conversation and watched the television that was in the car. I must have dozed off on the way there because the next thing I knew we were pulling into the parking lot of six flags amusement park. There were a lot of cars. Maybe this wasn't the best idea.

Nialls POV

We pulled into the crowded parking lot of the amusement park. I looked out the window at Kingda Ka. I've seen it on YouTube and it seems pretty scary. Trying to be brave and impress Stephanie I whispered to her "If you get scared I'll hold your hand." "I should say the same for you guys. Im going in the front" she replied and it makes us all smile "anyone care to join me?" she asked. We all raised our hands. Even Harry who is terrified of roller coasters  "Well I guess we'll have to go on five times! Anyway you guys should put on some hoodies and sunglasses." she declared. "Why?" asked Liam. "Well, I'm not one to brag and I want you guys to have fun too. You won't have any fun if you're mobbed by people. Oh, and if you aren't noticed I won't be ." Steph answered. she's such a sweet humble girl. 'I should get to know her' I thought to myself with a smirk and a glance at the pretty girl.

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