Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


17. WAKE UP!!!

Niall's POV 

  It was almost nine and Steph and Harry were still asleep. I hated to see her cuddled up to him like that. Anyway we didn't want to waste any time of our weekend. I had to get out of the house so I volunteered to drive to McDonalds for breakfast. I took a few pictures with fans and I drove back. They were still asleep so I suggested we help the wake up. I saw the boys smile evilly when I told them my plan. I went to the bathroom to put phase one into action. After that was done I gathered the boys to initiate phase two. "It's time to get up in the morning. We got McDonalds breakfast for you. Why any other brand? We drove two miles to get it. So you better get up and eat it. Don't be so selfish!" we sang sweetly then BAM! "So you gotta get up! Gotta get up! It's time to get up! Get up! Get up! It's time to get up! Time to get up! It's time to get up! Time to get up! Doo be doo! Wake up!" we jumped on them yelling. Harry finally woke up and shouted "It's time to get up!" He walked to the kitchen with the rest of the boys. Stephanie still lay on the couch asleep. Time for phase three. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to the bathroom. "Stephanie?" I said to her "Put-put me down Nialler." she whispered in a very cute sleepy voice. "If you don't wake up and come and eat your pancakes I'll dunk you in the water." I whispered back to her smiling evily. "You're bluffing." She said now wide awake. "Try me." I said gently dropping her into the bath tub carful for her not to hit her head. "OH MY GOD NIALL!" she yelled at me. I broke down on the floor in laughter. "Niall these are my only clothes. You're gonna get it." she said climbing out of the tub. She ran towards me and wrapped me in a big hug getting me soaked. I didn't care about the water so I hugged her back. "Now I'm all wet" I said trying to sound angry but failing miserably. "That's the point, but seriously I don't have any other clothes. WAIT MY DAD! HE DOESN'T KNOW I'M HERE! HE'LL THINK I RAN AWAY!" she shouted her eyes getting wider with worry. "Don't worry the principle called your family. They know you're here darling." I said trying to clam her down. "Thank God." she said calming down. "Come with me." I said grabbing her hand and leading her up the stairs to my room. We dripped water on the floor all the way there. I gave her a pair of sweat pants that were too small for me and a T-shirt. I went to the other side of the room to change out of my soaked clothes. I took off my drenched shirt and glanced over my shoulder to Stephanie staring at me. "Do you find this uncomfortable because I'll change somewhere else." I said sympathetically. "No I'm fine. It's just my friends say they've met you in real life and that you aren't that attractive, but you are very,very, VERY, attractive to me." she smiled biting her bottom lip when she was done. I felt happy at what she said. I didn't care if other girls said I wasn't attractive. All that mattered to me is that she found me handsome. I'm not very superficial when it comes to girls. It doesn't matter how pretty they are as long as they have a good heart and a great personality. Stephanie had it all. Plus looks and an amazing sense of humor. "You don't look bad yourself." I smiled taking a step closer to her. "We never did talk about Kingda Ka." she smirked taking a few baby steps towards me. She knew she was doing a very good job of teasing me. "What do you want to talk about?" I asked teasing her back taking a few more steps towards her. We were almost three feet away from each other. "Why?" she asked. "Why what? I asked "Why did you kiss me? Do you like me?" She tested. I knew she knew that answer. With each word we inched closer to each other. "I think the real question is do you like me?" I asked wanting to know if she liked me as a person or just because I was famous. "Of course I like you." she answered  "No. I don't want you to like me because I'm THE NIALL HORAN. FAMOUS POP SINGER IN THE BAND ONE DIRECTION. I want to know if you really like me. If I were just Niall." I said to her. She stepped closer. Our faces were only about two inches away from each other. I noticed she was shorted than me but not by that much. Only about an inch. "Niall" she started and I noticed she started to talk in an irish accent "If you quit One Direction today and you were no longer famous and rich and I still knew you on a personal level instead of fan/celeb level I'd still have a huge crush on you. You are sweet, sincere, funny,smart,  and you have a great personality. Did I metion you have a great laugh and give awesome hugs. To me looks and popularity are just an unessicary bonus. I think you're heart is bigger then Louis bum." she said looking me in the eyes. I chuckled at the comment on Louis bum. Her eyes were shade of blue-green. Looking deep into them you could see gold. They were my favorite thing about her. I was freaking out on the inside. After a short silence of just looking into each others eyes she said to me does that answer your question still speaking in my accent. "Yes it does." I smiled leaning in to kiss her. I thought she was leaning in too, but at the last second she put her hand over my mouth. "You tease." I said with my words muffled by her hand. She turned to walk out the door. When she bent down to pick up the dry clothes I said to her wait. "Yeah?" she responded but in an American accent. "What are we doing today?" I asked. She looked at the clothes in her hand. "Shopping." she said sure of herself and walked out the door. Perfect chance for me to spoil my girl.  

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