Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


21. Party Time

Liam's POV

I took her to Sephora and got her some eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lip gloss, lip stick, a few brushes, lip liner, cover up, liquid conceler, powder conceler, glitter spray, a glitter brush, glitter powder, and glitter gel. She loved her glitter. Just like Ke$ha. She didn't have any jewlery so I let her pick from some of the stuff Dani left with me so that if she forgot some I'd have it. I'd always forget to give them back every time I went over her house after the break up. At least they came in handy. Stephanie and I walked to the club we had picked out. They others went to a bar for a few but they only had one drink each. The club we were going to was alcohol free. When we got there it was dark so not many people realized it was us. Stephanie was nervous so she waited for a few. Harry got her to walk in. When she walked in you could see every boy in that club stop doing what they were doing to look at her. A boy had walked up to her and took her hand. I could barely hear them but I heard Harry yell "She's with someone." Protective Harry. Zayn and I went around and we found a couple of very nice girls. The girl Zayn was talking with was named Samantha and the girl I was talking to was Mariana.

"So your from England?" she asked picking up my accent.

"Yeah, what about you?" I asked. 

"New Jersey." 

"Oh cool. My friend Stephanie Is from New Jersey."

"Stephanie Marie?"

"Yeah, You know her?"

"We go to school together. We're in the art club together."

"Well she says she's bullied."

"She is, but only by Crystal. No one takes her seriously. She's just a girl who knows how to manipulate people. She said if anyone tried to stand up for her they'd die socially."

"So she isn't popular."

"No, everyone hates her. Except her clones. We are all scared of her. Wait Stephanie is here? I thought she was on her weekend with 1D."

"She is."



"You're Liam Payne?"

"Yeah and the guy your friend Sam is talking to is Zayn Malik."

"Omg No Way!"

"Um Mariana. Can I get your number."

"Sure let me see your phone." I gave her my phone and she put her number in. She's very nice and I think we hit it off. I'll defiantly be texting her.  

Harry's POV  

"I can't go in there." she pleaded. 

"You look amazing so why are you scared?" 

"I just am."

"Come on in. I'll be your escort. No girl in there will bother you with Harry Styles on your arm."

"I guess. But what about perverted drunks?"

"Come in. I'll protect you." I said taking a step closer. I took her hands in mine. "Okay, but only because with you....I feel safe." I saw a small smile appear on her face. We intertwined our fingers with each other and walked in. Everyone there stopped to look at her. Jealousy ran through me and I looked at her. "No one here will hurt you." I said into her ear. A drunk boy about eighteen came up to her. He took her waist. "Hello hotness. You wanna come home with me." he slurred. "She's with someone!" I yelled at him and he backed off. I looked around and saw Zayn and Liam were talking to some girls. Louis and Niall were singing karaoke  At least they sang well. "Want to dance?" I asked. "Sure." she replied shyly. I led her onto the dance floor and we danced to Louis and Nialls version of Payphone. "I love you." Oh no. I let it slip out. Did she hear me? "What?" she asked. Yeah she heard me. I'm so screwed. 

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