Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


19. One Direction Fashion Tips

Zayn's POV  

We took the subway to the 'fashion district'. First we went to a casual store. I didn't notice the name, but it was a girl store as Harry called them. I grabbed some tops and a few jeans that I thought would look good on her. All the boys think I have the best fashion sense in the group. I grabbed a pastel, plaid shirt with a bright pink belt high around her ribs, a long sleeved green plaid shirt,  and a turquoise shirt with angel sleeves with a chunky black belt. I also grabbed some colored jeans, a few regular ones,  and a pair of torn white jeans. I saw her looking at a top with a union jack on it .  She had a yellow, purple, and white crop top in her hand that said Daddy Directioner, Nialler, Boo Bear, Bradford Bad Boi, and Hazza on it. It would look great on her. She also had a blue floral sundress,the same pastel plaid top I had but in pink and white without the belt , and a blue one shoulder tee. "You have a great fashion sense" I complimented. "Your's isn't to bad either." she smiled. I led Stephanie to the dressing room and we met Louis there. He passed her a  black and white striped shirt with a cherry red heart in the center, a purple top with love on it, a pair of pink jean shorts, and a tie-dye skirt that's shorter in the front and longer in the back. Harry brought her a  white, tight fitting sundress with flowers on it. Typical Harry. Niall brought her a loose tan shirt that had a tree on it and said 'LOVE DOESN'T ALWAYS FEEL LIKE THIS'. It was cute. She tried everything on that we gave her. She got everything except the shorts and top Louis gave her, most of the jeans I gave her, the red tank top, the angel sleeved shirt, and the pastel plaid shirt. "Are you guys sure this is okay? I don't want you guys to waste the money you earned on me." she whined trying to perused us to not buy her the clothes. "No, you can't walk around New York in my clothes." objected Niall. We bought her the clothes and took her to a bathroom to change. She put on the top Niall brought her and a the ripped white jeans while keeping on the shoes she wore yesterday. We decided to go to a few more more casual stores before lunch. She got a gray beanie,  a dark burgundy leather jacket, a frilly floral top with a brown belt around the ribs, a brown spaghetti strap tank top, and a red and white floral blouse at one store by gershwin theater  We also got her a beige sundress with a brown belt, a loose dress with big flowers printed on it, a  pink long-sleeved shirt with 'oh la la' on it, an over sized grey sweatshirt, and a teal tank top with a bear on it and it said bear hugs. Louis brought her that one. At the casual type store we went to there were both guys and girls clothing so we looked for some new stuff too. She got a pair of yellow shorts with a smilie face on the left butt cheek, a dark teal sweater, a pair of jean shorts with splatter paint on it, and two pairs of shorts that were tie-died. Liam brought her a shirt with mickey mouse on it, I brought her a varsity jacket, and Louis brought her a striped tank top with a red flower pinned on one of the straps with  matching bleached jeans. We were tired so we took a break at apple bees.

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