Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


7. Liam Helps Out

Liams POV:

I looked at the girl. I did remember seeing her. She was at the xfactor one night and she was a huge fan. I glanced at the boys. All their eyes were on the principle, all but Harry's. I followed Harry's gaze and it fell on the girl. There was a deep look in his eye. I wish I knew why. Confused I went back to listening to the principle. Even though I wasn't in school I was still bored out of my wits listening to him explain something I already knew. I looked back at the boys. They were still staring at the principle and they looked just as bored as I felt. Harry was still staring at the girl and she looked very excited. Just looking into her eyes I felt happier. I looked at Harry and his eyes were still glued to her. 'This must be serious' I thought. Harry wasn't one to stare at a girls eyes. He usually stared at her body if he found them attractive. I tried to get his attention by whispering "Hazza" to him but he was focused on her. The principle had finally said "Now your weekend can began" so I came back to reality.

"Now?" asked the girl.

Knowing the answer I decided to talk "Yeah, your weekend starts Friday afternoon and ends Monday morning."

"Until then we are yours." chimed Louis.  

"So I get to leave school early?" she asked.

"Yeah, the limo is waiting outside." answered Harry.

"A limo?!? No way!" she yelped.

I volunteered to walk with her to health so she could get her things. in five minutes I felt like I've known her forever. Her name is Stephanie Marie and she lives in Raritan even though she was born in Ireland. She moved here when she was four and speaks with an american accent only because she is an actress and trained her voice to do that so she would fit in. She could do all kinds of accents including British and her normal voice Irish. This was good because Niall was feeling home sick. We retrieved her things and we turned back for the office.

"So who is your favorite band member?" I asked with a smirk.

"Picking a favorite member of one direction is like asking a mother picking her favorite child." she replied and it made me smile.

"Anyway you must like one member the best." "Well Louis is the funniest. You have the best voice. I saw your audition for the xfactor online. Zayn is just H-O-T-T hot! I have biggest crush on Harry and Niall. They are both the total package. But I have a thing for irish accents. I guess it's being born there or something, but promise me you won't tell them."

"I promise." 'Harry is going to be so happy' I thought to myself.

We arrived at the office. all the boys were still there. I let Niall, Steph, Louis, and Zayn head to the limo, but I kept Harry there. "Do you like her?" I asked.

"I guess. she seems nice." he answered.

"I saw the way you were looking at her."

"I can't help it. She' pretty."

"Where do you know her from?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"She was at the xfactor in the front row and I couldn't stop looking at her. She came to ask me for my autograph after the show and I gave it to her. I Was about to ask her for her number but Louis interrupted us. I thought I'd never see her again."

"Well she's here. Maybe it's fate."

"Maybe it is. Let's get to the limo."

"Okay, and don't worry mate, I'll help you along." I said hopping into the limo.

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