Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


20. Dresses and shoes

Stephanie's POV

After shopping for so long all of our feet hurt. I had an entire new wardrobe. Much better than my small one. I wore the same fashionable outfit at least twice a week or I wore rags. Not actually. I wore Martha's hand me downs. "So you having fun?" Liam asked. "OMG, so much fun!" I replied happily. "Even with a couple of dude?" asked Niall. "Yes! You guys are awesome! I love your fashion sense!" I replied in an even happier tone. "Well we have a surprise for you." smirked Zayn. "While the boys find a good club to go to you and I are going to pick out a few dresses." Harry said while smiling his Style's smile. "Aww that's so nice, but no bars. I'm not old enough to drink." I reminded them. "So we better get going then." said Louis standing up. We all stood up and went our separate ways. Harry and I went to a store with almost one thousand dollar dresses. "I can't try any of these on. I'll fall in love with one and you'll buy it and I'll feel bad." I pleaded. "I want to spoil you. You need a party dress and a dance dress." he smiled. I felt bad making them spend all this money. I wish I could pay them back but compared to them my family is as poor as dirt. First he brought me a strapless black dress about knee length. It had a silver belt around the waist that wrapped around about three times. He said it made me look mature but it poofed out at the hips. Whenever I where a dress that poofs at the hips it makes mine look like blocks. I have rather large hips.  Next he game me a plum purple dress that had one shoulder with a flower on top. It ended just about an inch above my knee. The bottom was a bit choppy. I though it was kind of fun but he said it was a wrong fit. Not a good shape for me I guess. We found a collection of dresses that I refused to try on because the chest material would not stretch out enough. I found a bright red strapless dress with a flared out meshy bottom. It had a large silver piece on the waist and it fit me very well. Harry agreed and we decided to get it for a different dance. He had to convince me to allow him to buy it for me. I tried on a rather plain bright blue strapless dress. I thought the color was far too bright for my skin. I was better in warm colors. He made me try on a hot pink strapless dress that went down to my mid thigh. It had a sequin X around the waist and diagonally down the chest. The bottom was roughly scalloped. It looked amazing on me or thats what Harry told me. I thought it looked good too so we decided to get that one too. He had me try on a tight sparkly black dress. It was one shoulder and had a piece of fabric on the shoulder as decoration. The bottom was very low so it made me a little nervous. "You look stunning." he said looking at me in the dressing room "The boys are still looking. That means we have some more time." I smiled at him biting my lip and I looked at the floor. "Something wrong?" he asked me. "No, it's just no one thinks I'm pretty." I confessed meeting my eyes to his. "I will never believe that in my entire life." he smiled taking my large hands in his even larger ones. "Well believe it. I always wear make up. Even then no one thinks I'm pretty." I told him. "Well you aren't wearing make up right now and you still look gorgous. What about Danny? He must think you're amazing." he told me. Danny. Danny! I haven't texted him. I blew him off at the mall. Wait the announcement was over the loud speaker. I'll text him later. "Yeah, he says I'm pretty all the time, but I ignore him. Or I compare him to all the others calling me ugly." I confess once again. He puts his hand on my waist and I look into his eyes. "We never talked about the train. What about Niall?" he said to me. What? He knew? I don't know. My feelings are really conflicted. I know I can't have them both.  "The thing with me and Niall was on a roller coaster. He probably only kissed me because of adrenaline. I think. I like him, but I'm really conflicted. I know I can't have you both. Just let me figure this out before I lead you on. I like you way too much to hurt you." I told him. Spilling my guts was a thing now. "At least your honest but let me see if this will persuede you." he smiled and leaned in. Our lips met and fireworks. That's the only way I could describe it. I put my hands on his chest while his we're still wrapped around my hips. I moved them up to his shouders and then my elbows rested on his shoulders. I pulled away but left my nose touching his. "I still have some more dresses to try on." I whispered smiling. "You know I could help you get out of that." he joked. "Ha ha. Very funny." I said pushing him out of the dressing room. Next I tried on a beige, strapless, floor length gown. I looked very nice but not on me. Next I tried on a light pink dress that was shorter in the front then in the back. The waist had two jewled strips. "It's perfect on you. We've found the dress for the dance. He handed me three more dresses. The first one was a white, light purple, and mint green layered dress. "It looks amazing. I'm buying you this one too." Harry complimented. "Thank you." I whispered and I bit my lip. The next one was a black, grey, and white layered dress. It was similar to the other one so it looked awesome as well. The last one was a very short white, strapless dress with layered black lace that goes below the hem of the dress. It had a small white bow on the right side of the waist. "You are so wearing that tonight." Harry said with his jaw wide open. Niall walked in at that moment and his jaw was wide too. "Ummm Liam wants to know if Harry wants to switch out." offered Niall. "Oh I'm done. I have all the clothes I need." I told them. "You need shoes." Niall reminded. "Shoes! Don't I have enough new things. "Uh, no. You need something to go with that dress. So might as well get some new ones." Harry smiled. "I feel so bad about this. You work hard for your money. I don't feel right with you spending it on me." I pleaded once again but they both told me they loved to spoil me. Liam was going to take me to a nice shoe store and then Sephora for some make up. At the shoe store I got some white leather open toed heels with a strap around the ankle and a piece running from the ankle down to the toes. Another pair I got was some Blue felt open toed heels. I got a pair of black boots. Liam got me to try on a pair of open toed sparkly silver heels, some pink converse, some rainbow glitter and gold heels, a pair of mustache high tops, and some pink converse wedges. The person helping us handed me some open toed heels that were light pink and very glittery. They had bows on the toe. I also tried on some  very tall pumps with silver glitter. "You look great in them all." Liam complimented. "Thanks. This might sound random but did Harry tell you?"  I asked changing the subject. "Uh, yes he did. He's an amazing guy and so is Niall. You seem very.....conflicted. All this is so complicated, but we want you to figure out your feelings before you make any rash decisions." he explained taking my hand. "You aren't going to tell me you like me right?" I joked trying to lighten the conversation. "No" he laughed "I think we'd be close friends though." "So do I." I agreed wrapping my arms around him in a hug. He handed me a pair of heels with an American Flag pattern and I found a similar pair but with a sequined union jack pattern to go with my new union jack shirt. I got a pair of supra sneakers that are black and hot pink with a royal blue inside. I also got a pair of sneakers that were all black with some blue sparkly pieces. "Now which ones am I going to wear tonight?" I asked looking at all my new shoes. "The silver glitter pumps." he suggested. "Wow that's a manly sentence." I teased. "Yup, now let's go to Sephora." he smiled. "Wow another one." I joked again.

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