Upside down

Stephanie has a horrible life and has one friend who happens to be the most popular guy in school. She has to deal with physical and emotional bullying at home and school. He best friend Danny helps her win a weekend with One Direction and one of the boys fall for her. (or two?)


26. Don't mess with Steph when laser tag is on the line

Stephanie's POV

I was still half asleep when I heard breathing in my ear. As I slowly became aware of my surroundings I felt something on my waist. I looked around to see that I was in Harry's room. I shifted my head slightly to see his sleeping face. He was so adorable. I was going to go back to sleep when I heard a voice from on the stairs. "I'm going to miss her." Said the voice. I realized it was Zayn. Was he talking about me? "It's not like we're never going to see her again, mate. She and Harry are together and she has a phone." said another voice. It was Liam. "I know, but I wish she was closer. We've all become really close with her." Zayn complained   "Well she's graduating this year. So why not ask her to come to England with us?" Liam suggested. Move to England with them? Well why not? My life sucks here in America. Why not start a new life? No one would care. Not my family and I don't have friends. Except Danny. Maybe I could ask him to move with me. He always tells me how he misses England. I began daydreaming about the new life I'd have when I was interrupted by a very sexy, sleepy voice. "Good morning, babe." Harry whispered pulling me close to his body for a hug. "Good morning." I smiled. "So what are we doing today, sweetheart?" he asked. "I hadn't really thought of it." I told him. "Why don't we catch a film?" he suggested. "I have the best idea. What about laser tag?" "I've never played that." he said sitting up. "It's super fun." I turned to face him resting my elbow on the pillow. "Well then we should do that." he smiled. "Okay me, Liam, Louis verse you, Zayn, and Niall." I said sitting up in the bed. "Okay, but you're going down." "I'm going to get changed." I chuckled getting up and going across the hall to the room that was mine. There was an unslept bed and a bunch of shopping bags. After rummaging through the bags I found a blue and white striped tank top and my red jeans. Obviously I was was going for the Louis look. I also put on my new Vans. I walked down the stairs to find five shirtless boys. "Well he-llo" I smirked. "Like what you see?" Louis joked with a pose. "Actually I do. This is a good look for you guys." I kidded. "Hey you look like Lou." Zayn said from the counter. "You just realized this?" Liam teased. "Something's missing." Louis thought "The suspenders! I have some upstairs that you could use." He ran up the stairs and quickly ran down with his shirt on. "Here let me help you." he smiled and clipped them to the back of my jeans and he gave the front to me. I clipped the front on. "There! You're a regular Tommo." he exclaimed. We all chatted for a bit and everyone went to get ready for another bus day. Louis was ready to go so him and I talked in the living room.

"So you ready to cream them?" he asked.

"You bet!" I answered giving him a high five.

"You seemed pretty beat last night."

"Yeah, Harry must have carried me to his room."

"He did. He sang to you too."

"He did?"

"Yeah. Don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith. It was really cute to watch." He smirked.

"Stephanie! Come up here please!" Zayn called from upstairs. "You'd better go. Zayn can be impatient sometimes." He told me. I stood up and went up the stairs to Zayn's room. He sat on the bed and had a camera in his hand. I sat down next to him. He told me to smile. I did what I was told. He put his arm around me and took a selfie of us. He then immediately passed me the camera. "What's this?" I asked. "My camera." he answered. "I know, but why-" I tried to ask but he just told me to look at it. I started to go through the pictures. The first one was us in the limo. The next was me taking a nap on Liam in the limo. The next one was a picture of six flags. Then there were a few of us on rides followed by a few of us joking around at Johnny Rockets. The next were our scary movie night with me hugging the pillow and Harry comforting me. the next few were Harry and I sleeping on the couch. There were a ton of us shopping and at Apple bee's  Then there were a couple from the club. There was last nights movie night, and lastly was the one Zayn just took of us. "How come I didn't notice you taking these?" I asked. "I'm the quiet and mysterious one." he shrugged. "You don't have to be quiet. at least not with me." I told him handing his camera back and standing up. "I know that now. Can I have a hug, bestie?" he asked standing up as well. I replied sure and gave him a hug. "Now get ready." I told him. I walked down stairs to find Louis at the kitchen table. "want some glow paint girlie?" he asked me. I took the pink and green tubes. "Sit down and close your eyes." I commanded. He did as he was told. I put green and pink dots all over his face with two pink hearts on each of his cheeks. Liam and Zayn came down the stairs as I finished. "Take a picture when he opens his eyes." I whispered to Zayn. He got out his camera and got it ready. "Open your eyes Lou." I told him. He opened his eyes only to see Zayn's flash go off. "You look great." Liam told him teasingly. "You need some too." I joked. "I'll put some on myself when we get there." He said stepping back. Niall came running down the stairs. He took one look at Lou and fell on the floor laughing. "What-what happened to you?" he asked between laughs. All the boys pointed to me. "You are my new best friend." he said giving me a big hug. "I guess I have to keep it on." Louis shrugged. "Yes you do, but I forgot one thing. Hold still." I told him and put a pink dot on the tip of his nose. "Silly girl." Louis said grabbing me. He started to tickle me and being very ticklish I started to laugh. "Stop it!" I begged. "Oh she's ticklish?" Zayn said joining him. They finally let go and I stood there trying to catch my breath. I stood there panting as Harry came down the stairs. "What happened?" Harry asked chuckling at Louis' face. "The little princess glowified Lou's face." Niall explained. We all put lines on our cheeks. "You look ready." Zayn told me. "Oh I am. I'm the queen of laser tag. You boys ate going down." I bragged. "Wanna bet?" Harry asked. "shush yeah." I said confidently. "If you win we'll extend our trip one week." Zayn told me. "If you win?" I asked. "But if we win when you graduate you move to England. So we can be neighbors" Niall explained. I wanted to say I'd move anyway, but I'll tell them after we win. "You're on." I smirked shaking Harry's hand. 

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