She Will Be Loved

This is a story about me and my best buds in 6 years...
Finally! The day me and my best friends Emma and Taylor get to go to our favorite band One Direction's concert! And we get front row! Will one of the girls catch one of the boys eyes? Claire Leonard was just a regular 17 year old teenager, nothing special. Shes had 3 boyfriends in the past, and she fell what she thought was head over heels for each of them...until every single one cheated on her. She thinks she will never be loved. But will she?
*note: in this story niall and demi and dani and liam are NOT dating


1. Nightmares & Remembering

A/N. this is my first hate please!! Srry its really short, have to do hw

" no! Just no! What did i do to deserve this Mark? I loved you!" "Well i didn't and never will! Just get out of my life?" "Me, get out of YOUR life? Your the one who sucked me in to your freaking life! I can't believe i loved you!" The same old nightmares, same one every night, i hated that stupid jerk that messed me up and made me like an alein to the rest of the school, the weird looks, laughing, pointing, teasing. I finally open my eyes, wipe them and stretch. Ahh another day. Great. just great. Then i remember...YES! One direction concert is in 1 week! Ive been waiting for this day ever since my 16th birthday last year. Im now 17 though. Only one week!!
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