She Will Be Loved

This is a story about me and my best buds in 6 years...
Finally! The day me and my best friends Emma and Taylor get to go to our favorite band One Direction's concert! And we get front row! Will one of the girls catch one of the boys eyes? Claire Leonard was just a regular 17 year old teenager, nothing special. Shes had 3 boyfriends in the past, and she fell what she thought was head over heels for each of them...until every single one cheated on her. She thinks she will never be loved. But will she?
*note: in this story niall and demi and dani and liam are NOT dating


3. Macy's⭐oh yeah!

*4 days later*
Do da da da da do da dum da da da da da DA your insecure dont know what for.. Ahh how i love screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs! 3 days to go!!!! Then i remember... We have nothing to wear! I mean i have a one direction teeshirt, and ill probably just wear my dark blue skinny jeans with a british flag belt and my leather cowboy boots. What bout the girls! Ill talk to them later.
*2 hours later* i already asked emma and taylor what they are wearing and theyre wearing pretty much the same exact thing! But we are going to macys to buy some 1d sweatshirts since they have alot of stuff there. Were leaving at 2 and its 1:50 so i should probably go tell mom. "MOM?" "Yes honey?" " im going to the mall with emma and taylor!" " ok ill text you in an hour. Be safe!" " yes mom i know! Kk. Love u see ya soon!" I grab my purse and run out the door only to find emma driving her brand new Audi. Shes the oldest so we let her drive. We get to the mall and go straight to macy's and the 1D section. Yay so excited! Then i start sing 'Friday' by rebecca black even though its saturday. Oh well. Im gettin weird looks.judging isnt nice i yell. Mmhmm. Thats what i said. We get to the 1D section and just look around then i see some thing that i need to have... Sweatshirts that say i ❤ ( insert band members name here) omg guys come look at this i say. Oh my god! I grab the black one that says i �� niall horan. Oh my god this was made for ME! Of course the three of us are in love with the three single ones; niall (me), harry (emma), and liam (taylor). They found their sweatshirts that were almost the same but just with the different boy and without the ��. Ahh im just so excited! We go to the cash register and em and tay ( nicknames for the gurlys )buy theirs and shes ringing mine up and says" they made three of these worldwide, we fought to get that here, im sure you will take care of it" i nod my head and go with the girls. Emma drives me and tay home and i show my mom. She says oh thats very cute then goes back to schoolwork (shes a LA teacher) i watch grown ups for the 100th time then go to bed. Why does fall have to be so cold! Burrrr! I feel myself drifting off to sleep so i just let myself go to the world of sleeping.

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